Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Catching up with Jon!

There is a new episode of Farmhouse Fixer tonight! Here is a preview clip:

Farmhouse Fixer was nominated by the Critics' Choice Awards for Best Lifestyle Show: Home/Garden! Winners will be revealed in a ceremony on June 15 at the Fairmont Century Plaza.

Jon posted a few thank you posts on his Instagram to some people that work behind the scenes on "Farmhouse Fixer":

Meet Eric Wagner a Massachusetts native now living in NJ ! Eric has been director of photography on Farmhouse Fixer since day 1. Director of photography sounds like he’s a photographer, but the job of D.O.P is actually the eye of the show behind the camera lens. Everything you see on the show is captured by Eric! He is one of many that makes this show what it is!

Say hello to Erik, with him and Eric they are both known as Erix on set. He is our B Cam operator. Someone who also makes the show look the way it is! A Philly native, he has spent the past 2 seasons with us in Massachusetts. I thank you Erik for all your hard work and love. I’m also happy to report his dog and mine are the first 4 legged friends to meet. Like the entire crew, he is a lover of dogs and most of us share the love of all our rescue dogs.

Last few days of filming the Farmhouse Fixer series before heading out on tour! Had an out of this world year with this guy @bamonthecage. Thank you Sean for all the hours spent recording our audio! You’re much appreciated!

He also posted a heartfelt post to Harley on his birthday: 

Today on your birthday we are in separate states…. But my love for you is always like we are right next to each other! I love you so much Bebe!!!! Your love, support, patience, and calming nature make me complete. Thank you for loving me as crazy, busy, and neurotic as I am! I love you, I love you, I love you more! Life’s journeys have been amazing with you. Looking forward to what amazing things life will bring us in the future. ❤️

Here are a couple of highlights from Harley's stories: 

Kristina posted these in her stories: 

Country Living published a short article in which Jon talked a bit more about how "Farmhouse Fixer: Camp Revamp" came about: 

'Farmhouse Fixer' Star Jonathan Knight Details Plans for HGTV Spinoff Farmhouse Fixer: Camp Revamp is coming soon!

Season 3 of Farmhouse Fixer is underway, and while HGTV fans are thrilled to have the renovation show starring Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin back on TV, there's even more excitement to be had.

An all-new four episode-spinoff is in the works, and it's coming soon! The new series, Farmhouse Fixer: Camp Revamp, is a change of scenery for Jonathan. Instead of restoring old farmhouses, he's transforming multiple structures into a summer retreat.

Jonathan explained, "I've always wanted to have a small resort or a boutique hotel, and my business partner sent me a link to a 12-acre, 10-cabin property in New Hampshire." Jonathan said that he went to see the property and "fell in love" and agreed to think about it. He was reluctant to take it on due to the timing (in addition to filming Farmhouse Fixer, touring with New Kids on the Block keeps him very busy!), but there were several offers from other buyers, so he "jumped in, full steam ahead."

The project became a family affair, and he'll be joined by his mom, dad, sisters, and brother (yes, that's his NKOTB bandmate, Jordan Knight). Jonathan said, "It's been a stressful, stressful year of trying to get that done. But it's amazing, and I can't wait for people to see the final product."

And the wait won't be long! While we do not have an exact release date, a representative from HGTV confirmed Farmhouse Fixer: Camp Revamp will be airing this summer.

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