Thursday, May 9, 2024

DW Air 20 (or more) Questions with Donnie Wahlberg

Donnie answered some fan questions last night on X/Twitter: I'll consolidate them below: 

Questions from @DwasMyFirstLove

Are you gonna set an alarm for tmrw morning?
Yes. If I even sleep.

Last song listened to?
Sundown by Gordon Lightfoot

Last TV show watched?
Game Of Thrones (yes, I’m watching it all again for the 5th time. Season 2 ep 5 to be specific).

Are you tour ready?
Close. Going to Cali to get more tour ready. 

How often do you get manicures?

Last time you had a pedicure?
Once a month with my wife.

Filet or NY strip?
NY Strip and it’s not even close.

Bike ride or walk?
Walk or motorcycle (though bike rides on Fox River w @JennyMcCarthy are epic).

Best wizard of oz character?

Salt water or fresh water?
Fresh for fishing. Salt for swimming (and a certain cruise).

Better to sleep in 67° or 77° room?
77 but @JennyMcCarthy prefers 67. So, 67 it is!

What color socks are you wearing?
Still have on Danny Reagan socks from set - even though I’m Donnie again. Black dress socks.

In flight cocktail?
Bloody Mary - tonight.

Do you use q tips?
Q-Tips? Yes. Why, did my ears look sketchy?

Bacon: chewy, flacid or turns to dust?
Crispy! ps - bacon is a vitamin! 

White Sox or cubs?

Have you DRIVEN on lake shore drive?
No. Been driven on it though.

Questions from @ajreis17:

What was for breakfast?
No breakfast - intermittent fasting.

How do you like your bacon? Burnt or slightly crispy
See prior post re: 🥓

Favorite work out?
NKOTB choreo rehearsals

Favorite Beach?
Grace Bay - Turks & Caicos.

Sunrise or sunset?

Favorite 90s R&B song?
Tough question. Hard to say, but Right Here by #SWV or So Into You by #Tamia or Let’s Chill by #Guy, came to mind.

Question from @ILaLaLaLuvJoeM:

How much confetti will the Magic Summer Tour have??
More than is reasonable. 🎉

Question from @ImoffValerie:

How are you doing/feeling?!
Feeling grateful. Thank you. 🙏🏼

Questions from @BabyDonnieGirl

What are we building?? 
A tour.  🤖❤️♾💫✨🤟🏼

Has coffee grown on you yet? 
Not really.  But ☕️ is ok. I’m a red bull guy but I just wanted to make a change.  So, I did.  5 months now.  But we may reunite one day.  😂😂😂

Question from @amandadannygirl: 

If you could go back to a time in your life and do it over again or change something when and what would you charge?
I’m not sure.  I trust that all has happened for a reason.  If I changed the past, I might miss out on what I needed to learn.  So, I try to learn from the past and apply what I’ve learned.  #GodsPlan

Question from @Faby_Joey

When a World Tour? Or South America Tour? 🙏
Well, nothing would make me happier than a world tour with @nkotb.  Filming a tv series has made it tough to tour outside the U.S.  If that changes, then a world tour may be possible.  We shall see!

Questions from @itscharly07:

Favorite cheat meal
It’s not the meal, it’s the company at the meal.

Favorite song on the new album 
Long Time Coming, A Love Like This, Magic, Get Down and Runaway!

Favorite part about tour life? 
Seeing Blockheads everyday.  #TrueStory 

Favorite song on tour 
All songs on tour are fun for me. 

Favorite binge show
See previous post re: 📺

Question from @tammys85

I have to know....have you ever watched The Golden Girls? If so, who's your favorite? 
Yes.  Sophia.  Of course.  ❤️

Question from @mkluvsdw

Go to cologne? 
I don’t wear cologne.  Ever.

Question from @sarahirt

Are you keeping up with any Bravo shows right now? 
I’m not.  Too busy.  But don’t tell Andy!

Question from @AmyLovesJoe

Do You FaceTime your pups when you are away from them?
Yes. @JennyMcCarthy puts them on the face time but only one seems to sort of know what’s going on.  😂

Question from @NordstromSheryl

Do you have any phobias? Heights, spiders, etc?
Experiencing one now - heavy turbulence. So, not fun.

Favorite type of cookie?  Chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, etc?
Chocolate Chip w Walnuts.

Question from @SABRINALYNN1232

Are the puppy girls going on tour? 
I think they will join me.

Do the boys ever get to go? 
Jenny takes the boy pups. Donnie takes the girl pups. All five may join me on tour. TBD.

Question from @SherrieFinch16A

I can't think of any questions that haven't been asked. Dropping in to say hi, good knight, and have a safe trip. I have finals tomorrow for my creative writing class, need my rest.
Thank you. 

Good luck. 

Good knight!

Question from @TheJenniMurphy

Have you ever thought about writing a book? Your words inspire so many. ❤️
I have thought about it.  

I do think about it.

I have written a lot.

But, I’m not sure I would do it (yet). So much more to learn and experience. I’m not ready to look back. I’m too busy trying to stay in the present moment. Some day. Perhaps.

Question from @smittenique

What is your favorite fishing location? I absolutely love fishing, so I'm always looking for great spots! 
Never give away your favorite fishing place.  Then everyone will come catch all the fish.  I’ll only say one is in MA and the other in IL.  Both fresh water.  😉

That was fun. A little too bumpy up here for me to type properly - and I do not like typos! So, I’ll check back in soon! Thanks for your questions, for your brilliance and for always being the best. 


#DWAir20Questions ❤️🛩️🤖

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