Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Catching up with Donnie!

The Celtics advanced to the NBA finals last night with their win over the Indiana Pacers. Donnie and Elijah were there to witness it!

Here are some photos that Donnie shared on his Instagram: 

Brian Babineau was also there, and he posted this photo: 

Donnie was interviewed by WBZ and WCVB after the game last night: 

This was from last week, but Donnie was also interviewed by "The Odd Couple" on Fox Sports Radio to talk about the NBA playoffs:  

In other Donnie news, he was featured in a new article from "Energy, Oil and Gas" magazine. Click here to read!

Last weekend was the one-year anniversary of BlockCon, so Donnie posted a few memories, including this one of him and Jon finding their doppelgangers backstage and another photo of him in a doll box:

Let's catch up on some of Donnie's other recent posts...

He answered some Instagram questions about his picks for the new album: 

He posted this in honor of Memorial Day: 

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