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Catching up with NKOTB

It's been a busy last few days, so in the interest of time, I've been sticking mostly to posting the interviews. Now that things have finally slowed down a little bit, I just thought I would make a "catching up post" recapping the past few days and include some additional stuff such as posts from the guys, more published photos, and more!

Their promotional tour for the new album started on Thursday with their interview on the Elvis Duran Show. Here are some photos: 

If you missed the interview, you can watch it here!

Although the interviews didn't air until Friday, they also did interviews for 106.7 Lite FM and KTU on Thursday. Here are some photos from their KTU interview: 

And here's their photos from 106.7 Lite FM: 

They also squeezed in some rehearsals and an interview with Entertainment Tonight on Thursday. 

Photo from @nkotb on Instagram

Here are some highlights from Donnie's Thursday stories. The first 2 clips are of him and Jordan playing around on a mini piano at the Elvis Duran show, and then he leaves a message about the album release and how he was looking forward to everyone's reactions, but he had to go to bed so they could be up early for Good Morning America: 

Friday morning Still Kids was finally available!

Video from @nkotb on Instagram

And it was Jordan's birthday, so of course, Donnie wished him a happy birthday: 

They were up early for Good Morning America. Getty Images has a lot of new photos from Good Morning America (and American Idol). I posted a few of them below, but you can click here to see the rest!

Here are a few more from GMA

NKOTB also posted a couple of photos: 

After Good Morning America, they did an interview with Access Hollywood.

Photo from @nkotb on Instagram

They also recorded their interview for Nightline, which airs tonight! Here are some photos shared by Rhiannon Ally

Later in the day, the guys also did something at the Hard Rock Hotel in NYC for Audacy. It doesn't look like anything has been published yet, but it appears the guys will be in a "Check In" on Audacy. Here are some photos that were posted on Friday on social media: 

**Update: it airs on Wednesday, May 22 at noon Eastern here!

(swipe to the left to see a video too!)

From @joeymcintyre on Instagram

From @annieonair on Instagram

I think this was from @nkotb on Instagram

From @wcbsfm on Instagram

They also celebrated Jordan and Danny's birthdays:

Video from @nkotb on Instagram

Then on Friday afternoon, Donnie posted that he was on his way to Los Angeles: 

On Saturday, they went to rehearsals for American Idol before their performance at the iHeart Radio Theater

And just before they went on stage that night, Donnie shared this photo of him and Jordan: 

Don't forget the audio version of this show airs tonight at 7PM. Also, here's an article from Medium about the iHeart Radio performance. 

Here's a video of the guys leaving American Idol

@joy.of.everything We caught @New Kids on the Block leaving the finale of American Idol. Donnie Wahlberg tells us the key to the bands longevity is “love for eachother & love for the fans”. Joey even sang for us! These guys are all so humble & down to earth! Long live NKOTB! #newkidsontheblock #nkotb #nkotb4life #americanidol #newkids ♬ Please Don't Go Girl (Single Version) - New Kids On The Block

Usually, the guys have a long commute to their "job", but this time Joey was able to walk to work!

Donnie's commute was quite a bit longer than Joey's. He took advantage of a red light and made a fan's day: 

But that was only the first part of his commute. He got on a plane to fly back to New York: 

And after a long and exhausting weekend, he was back to work at his "day job" on Monday morning: 

And he thanked some of the behind-the-scenes people who also put in long hours and helped make the 4 day promo tour a success.

Donnie summarized the weekend on the latest Hotline Message: 

This isn't directly related to their promo tour weekend, but I thought this was interesting if you want to see what the booklet included in the Deluxe CD looks like:

Video courtesy of FAN DE UNBOXING

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