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NKOTB tell us what 5 Albums I Can’t Live Without

Spin magazine interviewed the guys as asked them what albums they can't live without, and here are their answers: 


Best known for High flying falsetto of the New Kids On The Block.

Current city Boston, MA.

Really want to be in Fishing and golfing in Costa Rica.

Excited about Performing on The Magic Summer tour starting In June 24. Opening a new restaurant in Milton, MA. Watching the finished product of the new TV show my brother [Jonathan] is filming. It will be on HGTV this summer and stars my whole family including myself.

My current music collection has a lot of Dance music. I’ve been getting more in shape for our tour coming up. When I’m at the gym I keep adding more and more songs.

And a little bit of A little bit of Fleetwood Mac. There’s a singer at a piano bar I attend that has been singing these songs I’ve heard when I was really young. Every time I hear one that I especially like I ask people, who sings that one, who is that? Seems like everyone I like has been by Fleetwood Mac. Some of my favorites: “Dreams,” “Everywhere,” “Go Your Own Way,” “Gypsy,” “You Make Loving Fun,” and “Rhiannon.”

Preferred format I think everyone can agree, there’s nothing like the sound of vinyl. I prefer that sound. I can remember playing old records on my oldest brother’s record player. Led Zeppelin, Queen, Pink Floyd, The Who…. He had all those classic rock artists albums.

Nothing can compare to that sound when you drop the needle. So warm and full.

Unfortunately, and fortunately, streaming is the easiest way to listen to music and that’s what I prefer.

5 Albums I Can’t Live Without:

(In no particular order…)

1 Jagged Little Pill, Alanis Morissette 

After the New Kids came off the road in the ‘90s, I signed a solo record deal. My main collaborator on the album was Robin Thicke, who was then a young 17 years old the very first time I met him. During writing and recording my solo album, Jagged Little Pill had to be one of our favorite albums to listen to. It was the perfect blend of earthy-crunchy-angst (that was so in in the ‘90s), and catchy pop.

2 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Beatles

It reminds me of my preteen years and using music as an escape into wonder, fantasy, and imagination. It was another world. My favorite song is “A Day in the Life.” I love how its two different songs in one bridged together by a chaotic orchestra piece.

3 Hangin’ Tough, New Kids On The Block

This album encapsulates some of the best years and memories of my life. It reminds me of everything so special to me. Home, family, friends, learning new things, creating and growing.

4 Control, Janet Jackson

This album reminds me of my young teenage years while being in the group. I started getting intrigued by musical production watching our producer Maurice Starr do his thing. The hottest musical duo at the time hitting the scene was Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Control was a whole album of their work with Janet Jackson that I could listen to over and over. I was a huge fan of their work starting with “Just Be Good to Me” by the S.O.S. Band. Little did I know I would collaborate with them almost 15 years later on my solo album with the song “Give It to You,” as well as many other songs.

5 Thriller, Michael Jackson 

Michael Jackson at the very tip top of his game! Pure genius, creativity and craftsmanship start to finish.


Best known for being the founding member of New Kids On The Block, the tough detective on Blue Bloods, or the crazy guy in his underwear in The Sixth Sense. 

Really want to be in Turks & Caicos, The Boston Garden at a Celtics game, or driving through the corn fields of Western Illinois listening to music with my wife. 

Excited about New Kids On The Block’s new album — Still Kids! It’s kind of like we went back into the studio in the late ‘80s, armed with what we’ve learned over the last four decades. 

My current music collection has a lot of Hip Hop, Yacht Rock, and disco. And a little bit of Country. 

5 Albums I Can’t Live Without:

1 Golden Hour, Kacey Musgraves 

This album just pulls at the heart strings in all the best ways and “Butterflies” is literally the story of my relationship with my wife. 

2 It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, Public Enemy 

My college-aged years were spent on tour with this album on repeat. From Chuck’s lyrics, to the Bomb Squad’s production, I still discover new layers whenever I listen. 

3 Songs in the Key of Life, Stevie Wonder 

If albums were paintings, and in many ways this album is a painting, then it would be a priceless masterpiece in a museum. 

4 Now That’s What I Call Yacht Rock, Various Artists 

I could listen to “Sailing” by Christopher Cross a million times and never get sick of it. Besides, if I’m stuck on an island what could be more relaxing? [“Sailing” is not actually on this album, but we know what he means…]

5 The Block, New Kids On The Block 

For what it means to both me personally, and to our fans, and also for the features — Lady Gaga, NEYO, New Edition, Nicole Scherzinger, Timbaland and Akon. The New Kids album that we weren’t allowed to make as kids, finally realized when we were all grown up.


Best known for Remember Betty [breast cancer foundation].

Current city Miami.

Really want to be in Hawaii.

Excited about Our new album, Still Kids, and our upcoming tour, The Magic Summer Tour 2024.

My current music collection has a lot of Old school hip-hop. And a little bit of R&B.

Preferred format Streaming…any Star Wars shows on Disney+.

5 Albums I Can’t Live Without:

1 Greatest Hits, Volume 1, New Edition

N.E. inspired NKOTB to be what we are.

2 Gold, Eric B. & Rakim

My ultimate favorite old school hip-hop album.

3 Licensed to Ill, Beastie Boys

Rick Rubin and the Boys at their best!

4 Purple Rain, Prince and the Revolution

Every song is a classic.

5 Collision Course, Jay-Z and Linkin Park. 

The ultimate collaboration.

6 Renegades, Rage Against the Machine

Why? Best cover album! 


Best known for Making the young girls cry.

Current city Los Angeles.

Really want to be in  Los Angeles.

Excited about OUR NEW ALBUM. IT’S GOOD.

My current music collection has a lot of Taylor Swift and John Mayer.

And a little bit of  Sade.

Preferred format Streaming. It’s magic.

5 Albums I Can’t Live Without:

1 Sob Rock, John Mayer

It really set me straight. Also influenced a lot of my writing on our new album. Connected with John while listening, so that made it even more meaningful.

2 Gap Gold: Best of the Gap Band, The Gap Band

Just the nastiest, funkiest soulfulest prettiest sound.

3 Like a Prayer, Madonna

Was absolutely obsessed with her in 1990. And I did the math: She was dating Warren Beatty at the time and we had the same age gap—only I was younger. So, I really though we could have been something!

4 New Edition, New Edition

It means everything. Before I was a New Kid, I played this record over and over. My BFF at the time cried to “Lost in Love” at a sleepover once. These guys are such gracious legends. They paved the way, to put it lightly!

5 Come Away With Me, Norah Jones

This CD was on heavy rotation in my apartment in Tribeca. Saw her before this album blew up at Joe’s Pub in NYC. It’s a once-in-a-generation album from a once-in-a-generation artist.


I couldn't find one for Jon - I'll add it later if I find it!

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