Tuesday, February 2, 2010

MTV News: Jimmy Fallon Becomes The Sixth New Kid On The Block

Here is a video from MTV News...

Jimmy Fallon Becomes The Sixth New Kid On The Block
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MTV News had the honor and distinction this afternoon to head over to 30 Rock to interview the New Kids on the Block and Jimmy Fallon before tonight's show. The interviews were supposed to be separate. You know, we'd get some time with NKOTB and then we'd get some time with Jimmy before he sat down to host "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon."

As we were interviewing NKOTB, however, we found out Jimmy would be coming in and that all six guys would be in the room at the same time. We rolled with it. That's what we do! When Jimmy sat down, he began a very fun little interview with the New Kids.
During their chat, Jimmy decided to join the band. He's Jimmie now. And we have to say, Fallon is still really good at that Boston accent he made famous on "Saturday Night Live." He got some great details about the guys' appearance on his show tonight. Apparently, Fallon's people "demanded" the guys play a medley of their hits with Jimmy's house band, the Roots.

What will they be playing? Want to get some insider details about their appearance on the show? Check out the video.

Video courtesy of jkOhSnap

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