Monday, February 7, 2011

Joey McIntyre and Eman in Las Vegas: Videos, Photos and Set List

Joey and Eman had their first of their Las Vegas shows last night. Here are some highlights:

Singing a Ke$ha song:

Performing a unique version of Cover Girl:

Performing "Single":

Youtube videos courtesy of kp122733

Performing an Elvis song "Are You Lonesome Tonight":

Youtube videos courtesy of HeartWorthBreaking

Youtube videos courtesy of saxy15

There are several photos at WireImage

The Set List (according to JoeMacsBFF on twitter):

I Gotta Feeling
Dance Like That
You Belong To Me (Taylor Swift Cover)
Medley of I think we're alone now/Big time/Run into you
The Rose
Falling in Love With You
2 in the Morning
Cover Girl
Every Rose has its Thorn
Sex is on Fire
All the Way/Are You Lonesome Tonight?
I love u came too late
Please Don't Go Girl
Take it off (Ke$ha cover)
Time After Time

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JordansShySchoolGirl said...

Very cool!! Thank-you for posting some of the video's from this fun Joe event!! Wish I could be there!WOOOOO HOOOOO for all that are lucky to attend!