Friday, February 4, 2011

Joey McIntyre Interview with "Citys Best"

Here is an interview with Joey from Citys Best

New Kid Off the Strip: Joey McIntyre at the Palms

Feb 3rd 2011 6:00PM / by Josh Bell

New Kids on the Block, the original boy band, catapulted Joey McIntyre to international superstardom. After the group disbanded in 1994, he embarked on a solo career (scoring his own hit single "Stay the Same" in 1999) and has performed on Broadway and acted in movies and TV. The New Kids reunited in 2008 and have a big summer tour coming up this year with the Backstreet Boys, but Joey still finds time to work on his own material. He and longtime collaborator Emanuel Kiriakou will be performing a freewheeling acoustic show at the Palms every Saturday in February. Here's what Joey had to say about his latest project.

What can people expect from your show at the Palms?
It's an intimate setting, and it's just me and my buddy on guitar, so there's a lot of freedom in that. The show isn't necessarily set in stone, and we like when things kind of take us off in different directions, which can cause a few train wrecks, but that's entertaining as well. Me and my buddy Eman have written a lot of music together for my solo career. We're going to sing a few New Kids songs, and then after that, we just like to sing good pop songs that we think are kind of modern-day standards, and just see where it takes us.

What are some of your favorite covers that you feature in the show?
We like to mix it up. For instance, last fall we did a Taylor Swift song, "You Belong With Me." I didn't change any of the pronouns from "he" to "she" -- I just went for it. Up until the second before we started -- he's vamping on his guitar, waiting for me to come in, and I'm like, "I can't believe I'm going to do this." But it was a blast, and the crowd loved it. So I think that's going to be a staple of our show from now on. But we also do "One" by U2, which is an amazing song, and I love singing that song. A little George Michael -- it never hurts, because it's just fun pop, and it's usually a great pace and has a lot of energy.

Can you offer any preview about what's coming up on the summer New Kids/Backstreet Boys tour?
Well, we're starting to talk about it. The idea is that it's one big show, one big ride. It's not just two acts, one goes on and then the other one goes on. We'd like to start the show together and end the show together and maybe do some stuff in between. All the while, each group does their hits. I know the audience wants to see Backstreet Boys sing "I Want It That Way" and their songs, and same with the New Kids. So we're not going to really mash up the big hits, but I think maybe we'll have some new music, and maybe we'll find a couple of great songs that we can sing together.

What are your favorite things to do and places to go in Vegas?
I checked out Rao's, which is amazing. That was delicious. You wonder if they can duplicate -- although I've never been to the one in New York, but it's just like, how do you take something good and then make it bigger? For some reason, I just thought, it's a big restaurant -- it's not huge, but it's a lot of people -- and how is every meal going to be just as special? But it was a great, delicious meal, and the vibe is really cool. I love going to the Bellagio. The restaurant Olives there kind of has a Boston connection for me, because Todd English had that restaurant in Boston. And it's got this great balcony view. To me, it's the best seat in the house for the fountain [show].

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