Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Boston Globe article: Joey McIntyre is in the Holiday Spirit

The Boston Globe mentioned Joey's recent appearances:

Joey McIntyre and guest conductor Sierra Tourville of Stratham, N.H., entertained patients at Children’s Hospital Boston

It figures Joey McIntyre would be back in town. After all, his new CD is called “Come Home for Christmas.’’ The New Kid spent yesterday crooning carols with Keith Lockhart and the Boston Pops, first at Children’s Hospital Boston and, later, at Symphony Hall. “My first time with the Pops,’’ McIntyre told us. “It was on the bucket list.’’ Unfortunately, Joey Mac appeared without his secret weapon - 4-year-old son, Griffin, who sings with dad on the new CD. “He’s a natural,’’ said Joey, who was a teen when he hit it big with NKOTB. McIntyre revealed he’s also getting back into acting, having appeared on a recent episode of “CSI’’ and in the movie “New Year’s Eve.’’ (“Me and half of Hollywood,’’ joked Joey.) But with a wife and three small children at home, he’s choosing projects carefully. “The thing is, it’s got to be right because it’s such a huge commitment,’’ he said. “Everyone thinks, ‘Oh, TV!’ But it’s a lot of work and really unglamorous.’’ And what about the New Kids? “Time magazine named us the number two comeback of the year - Newt Gingrich was number three and Gabby Gifford was number one. If it (was) me, I’d think, ‘What has the world come to?’ ’’

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