Monday, January 24, 2022

Better late than never - Danny Wood and Joey McIntyre on Fox 25

Every once in a while I’ll come across an interview that I missed, and what the guys talk about in the interview is now “old” news. So, I usually won’t post it if it’s not relevant anymore.  

Over the past month or so I’ve been going through older posts and removing content that’s sadly no longer available. I’m not finished with this project yet - it’s still a work in progress!  Part of the reason it’s taking so long is besides going through over 4,000 posts (🤯) is it’s hard to not stop and re-visit some of the older interviews and events.  It’s a fun trip down memory lane!  It’s funny some of the stuff I have completely forgotten about.  (I wonder what ever happened to this, and did you know this newer song was first introduced to us back in 2011?)

I want this site to be a resource for current New Kids on the Block news, but also a resource for all “post-reunion” news, interviews, memories and more. If you go through some old posts you’ll probably see some that say something like “Update: Interview has been deleted. Does anyone have this saved?"  I put that in there as a placeholder in hopes that maybe someone has a copy of it, and we can get it back online.  So, if you have a copy of some of the older content or know where to find it, let me know! You can contact me by any of my social media (links: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) or by leaving a comment on the site.  

So that being said, here’s an older interview from last May of Danny and Joey with Fox 25 Boston. They mostly talk about the re-scheduled Fenway Park concert! 

Click here to watch!

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