Saturday, January 15, 2022

NKOTB Reaction videos

After a few weeks off, the New Kids-centric YouTube reaction channel "Rattail" has a new video up. This week they react to the music video for Jordan's song "Stingy" featuring Donnie. 

Update: for some reason this video is not embedding on this page correctly, so click here to view!

Speaking of reactions, here's few more New Kids reaction videos from non-blockheads...

PancakeMarshmallowDude reacts to Jordan Knight's "Give It To You"

HollaAtKrazy reviews New Kids On The Block's "Step By Step"

King Family Reacts to New Kids On The Block & New Edition at the American Music Awards 2021

Justin & Staci TV react to New Edition & New Kids On The Block at the 2021 AMA’S 

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