Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Donnie's social media highlights for the Week of February 6

Donnie shared a few stories on Instagram over the past week... in case you missed them, here they are!

He shared some sad news about a fan who unexpectedly passed away recently. She just met Donnie at a Boston Celtics game just 2 weeks before she passed away. Donnie shared her photo of the two of them and reminded us that life is short:

Donnie flew to New York last Monday, and he shared this photo of him and Patrick Petty the next day:

Last Tuesday was the 8th anniversary of when the Boston City Council and Councilor Tito Jackson named February 7, 2015 “Jordan Knight Day” an official city-wide holiday. So Donnie posted this in Jordan's honor: 

Donnie has been bringing 2 of his dogs with him to New York lately, and he brought them on the set of Blue Bloods last Tuesday. Here is a photo of him with Marisa Ramirez with his adorable doggies!

In case you missed it, he said he would be at the WahlCon Preparty on May 25th at the Wahlburgers in St. Charles, IL

On Thursday he posted some encouraging words about believing in and loving yourself:

On Friday he posted this photo of himself in front of the Empire State building: 

There was a new episode of Blue Bloods last Friday, and he posted this short video clip to remind everyone:

He also spent some time hanging out with his puppy squad:

On Saturday he reminded us to celebrate daily as if it is a daily vitamin!

And he posted this photo of him and Jenny. I don't know if it is a recent photo or not, but the location was tagged as Hollywood, CA. A new season of The Masked Singer has started filming, so it's possible he was visiting her over the weekend!

Dave Jolicoeur, aka "Trugoy the Dove" from the hip hop group De La Soul passed away over the weekend and Donnie posted that he had a "very heavy heart today". Just a few weeks ago, Donnie posted how excited he was that De La Soul's music will be available on streaming services soon. 

Donnie watched Rihanna's half time show during the Super Bowl and it made him emotional 

He also shared this video of him making a bus driver's day by stopping to take a selfie with him!

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