Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Possible Joey Tour Update and Donnie and Joey's Valentine's Day posts

Donnie and Joey posted a few things on Valentine's Day! But, before I post the Valentine's Day stuff, Joey shared this on his stories last night: 

You can watch the full video from Vin Rock here! So I don't know how likely his "might" is on this, but it's on March 25. Pre-sales are today and general sale starts on Friday at

Also - it shows that Joey is still thinking of his tour and this late March date on the East Coast seems to fit into his schedule. 👀

In other news, look what song came on the radio as Joey was driving to pick up his daughter from gymnastics last night!

Then Joey posted a video about his excitement and to recognize his contributions to the legendary song. 

 Joey also shared his homemade gifts he made for his wife and kids: 

And then he posted a couple of selfies:

Donnie also shared a few moments from his Valentine's Day. It looks like Donnie and Jenny had to spend the day apart, but they both surprised each other with gifts: 

February 14 is also the anniversary of Donnie's father's death, and he posted a photo of his Dad and his brothers: 

And he also sent some love to the Blockheads:

Monday was his nephew Brandon's birthday and he posted a birthday wish to him: 

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