Monday, February 6, 2023

Donnie's social media highlights for the Week of January 30

Last week after seeing some feedback, I determined that longer posts that cover a range of topics (like this one, for example), are sometimes confusing because I jump from one topic to another. So I took a poll on Instagram about whether I should continue to do longer posts or should I do shorter posts more frequently. Most said to do more frequent shorter posts on one topic.  So for this post, I'm going to concentrate on just Donnie's recent social media posts. 

Last week was a busy week for the New Kids on the Block with the announcement of their first ever convention, "BlockCon". On top of the NKOTB stuff going on, Donnie spent the week in New York working on Blue Bloods and he shared a bit about his on - and off - the set life: 

It was cold in New York City last week, and Donnie had to shoot a scene outdoors: 

So he was very relieved to get back indoors: 

During his downtime, he worked on solving a Rubik's Cube: 

And the Rukic's posted a story on Instagram about Donnie successfully solving it!

Donnie also got to spend some time with 2 of his dogs:

He shared part of a conversation he had with his wife, Jenny about an article that People Magazine wrote about them: 

He also spent some time with his Blockheads on Twitter by sending out hundreds of #Twugs

And he also shared some encouraging words to his followers:

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