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Get to Know the Season 4 'Rock the Block' Teams and new preview clip

HGTV posted an article to get to know the teams on season 4 of "Rock the Block". Here is the part about Jonathan and Kristina! 

The Team: Kristina Crestin and Jonathan Knight

Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin love to restore New England farmhouses on HGTV’s Farmhouse Fixer, and now they’ve united to renovate their “Modern Farmhouse” home on Rock the Block. Prior to the start of the competition Kristina exclaimed, “We’re going to pull our forces together to win this competition!”

Here’s the scoop on this dynamic duo.

They Were Both Born and Raised in Massachusetts

Kristina grew up in Bellingham, Massachusetts, and graduated from college with a degree in interior design. Jonathan was raised in the Dorchester section of Boston in a house he’s described as, “a big, old, cold and drafty holes-in-the-wall house.”

Each Had a Claim to Fame Before Farmhouse Fixer

Jonathan was a member of the '80s boy band New Kids on the Block, and Kristina was featured as an interior designer on the PBS television show, This Old House.

They Both Love Their Animals

Jonathan owns horses, chickens and ducks, and Kristina has a rescue dog named Cooper, a 12-year-old-ish Weimaraner-Labrador mix. “She’s so darn fast — no other dog can outrun her on the beach,” Kristina shares.

Their Families are Both in the Design Business

Jonathan has been renovating houses for more than 25 years after learning the trade from his grandfather and uncle. Kristina owns her own design firm. “People think Jonathan and I just do farmhouses and we don’t know what to do with large scale construction, so I was excited to show that we’re badass at everything,” says Kristina.

They Both Drive Pickup Trucks

Jonathan loves to drive his pickup truck and John Deere tractor. Kristina owns a 1955 vintage pickup truck named Dixie. “I always look forward to getting on the road in my turquoise-colored truck,” says Kristina. “I’ve been restoring it for years — every day it doesn’t snow in Massachusetts and the roads are clear I take a break from work and cruise around town. It brings me such joy.”

They Both Attended the Same Concert When They Were Younger

“I went to my first concert when I was 12 ... to see New Kids on the Block!” laughs Kristina.

They Can Define Themselves in Three Words

Jonathan: Loving, loyal, compassionate.

Kristina: Organized, fierce, outgoing

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