Thursday, March 23, 2023

Donnie (and Joey) live on Instagram last night

Donnie and Joey joined in on Blockhead U last night!  "Blockhead U" is a weekly Instagram live show by New Kids fans Melanie and Ashley every Wednesday night at 9pm Eastern. Last night's show started with Charly who talked about Joe’s St. Paddy’s Day Bash. Their next guest was Frank, who is a member of NKOTB's security team. Joey and his son Griffin were on briefly, and they come on about 55 minutes into the following video: 

Donnie then joined in on this video and reminisced with Karli and Jenn, who both went on the original New Kids on the Block cruise in 1990. Donnie shared a funny story about something is mom Alma did on that cruise:

They were also in the chat, here's some of their comments:

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