Friday, March 3, 2023

What's next for Joey McIntyre

Joey shared a photo of the set list he came up with for Carnegie Hall...

Time to wipe the slate clean. This was the @carnegiehall set list (or 95% of it).
Often set lists can be a work in progress-ripped up, started over, swapped around etc etc, but this one flowed right off my pen/marker onto the page/whiteboard. As you can see, we only switched one order of guests and added only a couple songs. A dream set list if you will. And it all came true and then some!!
And now it’s time to wipe it clean and start working on to the next one.
#showbiz #setlist #movingon #lettinggo #whatsnext

Afterwards, he swiped the whiteboard clean to begin working on his next shows!

Later in the day he shared a video of him trying on some sunglasses. I'm guessing he is working on his wardrobe accessories for his upcoming shows!

He also has been posting some reels - probably for some creative inspiration for his upcoming shows!  While he was in his car today he decided to try something new, so he played a jazz station. He encouraged everyone watching to try something new as well!

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