Thursday, March 2, 2023

New Blue Bloods photos and preview clips for tomorrow's episode

Retired NYPD detective, and actor, Bo Dietl shared some photos from Blue Bloods. Here is one of him and Donnie. Check out his Instagram page for more photos from the set!

Bo was also in some other photos of Donnie in the latest round of Blue Bloods photos captured by Jose Perez. Click here for more!

It was a rainy day on set (this is from Tuesday). At least it looks like Donnie was able to stay dry when filming this scene:

I think the 1317 on here means this is episode 17: 

Blue Bloods returns with a new episode tomorrow night!  Here is the plot summary: 

The return of Rachel Witten (Lauren Patten), Eddie’s former partner turned social worker, tests her loyalties and conflicts Frank, when Rachel brings an accusation of excessive force against an officer. Also, Danny and Baez clash with a troubled foster child at the center of their latest investigation and Erin must make a tough decision about her campaign run for district attorney.

(Those donuts look familiar!)

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