Friday, February 13, 2009

Blog from Jordan

Jordan posted this on his myspace site:

Like Woah! People keep asking me since I posted the vlog what does "like woah" mean? So I will clarify. In the vlog when I was talking to the girl from East Harlem I wrote in caption "homegirl is woah"! That means she's hot, or fine or bangin, or sexy. Alot of people thought it meant SHE was thinking "woah! there's Jordan..blah blah blah" but thats not what I meant. You gotta realize I just woke up, I'm exhausted, I'm cold, I walk out and............."LIKE WOAH". I was pleasantly surprised is all I'm saying!


Anonymous said...

LOL..i don't think Jordan would've gotten married if he knew the guys would've someday have a reuinion:P LOL

Anonymous said...