Monday, February 16, 2009

Joey McIntyre Reflects On Last Year

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Joey McIntyre Reflects On Last Year.

The last year has been an unexpected wonderfully strange journey.

To be able to do what I love and perform for so many people on such a stage is a huge gift and one I will be truly grateful for throughout my life and career.

We've had a blast making this album, producing this show and tour throughout North America and Europe. You learn so much about yourself and others when you have the opportunity to see so much. The all important balance in life is paramount to me in what I do. I don't always achieve it but I do strive to get there.

You guys out there that have supported me through it all are owed a debt of gratitude. The only way that I know how to pay that debt is by being the most honest, engaged performer I can be. I have been blessed and I look forward to years and years to come filled with music and humor and education. Let's get this!!!

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