Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Joey McIntyre Interview with Entertainment Tonight

Joey McIntyre did an interview with Entertainment Tonight and he gives an update on AJ McLean. He also talks about Aaron Carter, advice for Justin Bieber, his son Rhys and the "Hear the World" foundation.

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New Kids on the Block singer Joey McIntyre has been in the music business for over 24 years and has seen some friends battle with addiction in the limelight, including Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean who recently made the decision to enter rehab.

"A.J. is a sweet kid, good kid and extremely talented, so we're all there for him," said Joey. AJ admitted himself earlier this month before heading on the huge NKOTB/BSB tour.

Young star Aaron Carter is reportedly seeking professional help as well to deal with some unknown "emotional and spiritual issues," and Joey commended Aaron for making that step.

"To me it's usually a good thing when someone can take some time and retreat from it all and, you know, just get a little bit more centered," Joey said, encouragingly.

Justin Bieber has managed to stay clean in his career thus far and Joey gave some advice to the star for staying on the right track.

"Hopefully, kids like Justin… there's a lot of young artists out there and hopefully they got good family around them and they just, you know, be able to take the ups and downs," Joey said.

On Monday, Joey filmed a TV spot for Hear the World Foundation, which raises awareness about hearing loss, how to recognize it and steps that can be taken to prevent its occurrence.

This organization's cause personally affects Joey since his one-year-old son Rhys was diagnosed with severe hearing loss, but the singer says that "being aided by the hearing aids, he is hearing as a normal 13-month-old."

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