Friday, January 28, 2011

Joey McIntyre Twitter Interview

Joey McIntyre did an interview on twitter (which they're calling a "twitterview") with WonderwallMSN: Here is what Joey tweeted:

Q: So what made you decide to do shows every Friday at @PalmsLasVegas this February?

Joey: Hey! We wanted to start kind of semi- "residence gig"- Nothing like having a "home" in Vegas at the Palms

Q: Fun! Here's a fan Q from @RocksicleLover: Where are you most-likely headed after your Vegas shows? Slots? Poker? Bar? Bed?

Joey: Most likely headed to the bar for a nite cap and then off to bed. Gotta pace myself with this Vegas gig.

Q: Especially since you have the @NKOTBSB tour this summer! How are you preparing for it?

Joey: We are just now talking about schedule. Gonna be a unique prep for this tour- a lotta songs to put together!

Q: Will those of us who can't make the show be able to get a dvd or cd of it?

Joey: We are gonna be recording the shows and I want to bring cameras in too!!! DVD baby! we'll see if we can do it:)

Q: Are you more excited to do the old #NKOTB favorites or showcase some new material on the tour?

Joey: I love singing old and new stuff. Its all about connecting to the material- regardless. Finding the connection.

Q: Will the Vegas experience continue after the tour is over?

Joey: I hope so. This Vegas show is gonna be a blast, but its also a serious dream for me and @emanuelkiriakou

K- I'm done...gotta head over to @emanuelkiriakou studio to rehearse- cant just talk about the show. Gotta make it happen!! Luv ya. talksoon

Video courtesy of AddictedToJoeMac

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