Thursday, January 6, 2011

Article: New Kid trying luck at Palms

Here is an article from the Las Vegas Review - Journal with some more details about Joey's upcoming shows in Las Vegas and the possibility of extending the tour:

Do New Kids On The Block fans still stay up past midnight?

They do if they want to see Joey McIntyre up close and personal. And no excuses, because he has young children, too.

The singer teams with record producer Emanuel Kiriakou for a midnight showcase called "One Too Many At Midnight" on Saturdays in the Palms Lounge for a four-week run starting Feb. 5.

McIntyre and Kiriakou -- known on stage as "Eman" -- did their two-man show at Joe's Pub in New York and in other cities. They were approached by Zoe Thrall, who heads the Palms' recording studio and worked with Kiriakou when he produced other artists there.

Though McIntyre wears a tux in some of the YouTube clips, he won't be doing retro lounge or a Richard Cheese kind of thing, says Palms entertainment director Michael Goodwin.

Instead, the two cover all manner of pop and rock favorites (including some New Kids essentials) with a party atmosphere.

If the first month goes well, both sides are interested in extending. McIntyre would commute from Los Angeles, where he and his wife, Barrett, are expecting their third child in May.

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