Thursday, July 14, 2011

Afterparty for Minneapolis

It has not been officially announced yet, but it looks like Donnie and Jordan will be joining the Backstreet Boys after party at Epic Nightclub tomorrow night.

Prices are $20 for GA and $45 (According to the Facebook event page, "Vip will get you access to the whole 2nd level. This is where artists will be.")

Click here for tickets!


sweetieknight said...

On theKDWB 101.3 in Minnesota Just announced This!!!!!! :)

Selena said...

Thanks to Donnie Wahlberg for letting me grab is "marshmallow" during the after party!!

ahanft said...

Have the meet and greet pics with Jordan from Mpls been posted to Photobucket yet? If so, how do we find them? I am having trouble searching under the "passowrd" given. Thanks

Anonymous said...

There was a password given. Still waiting for Minnie vip as well can't stand this waiting lol