Saturday, July 23, 2011

Boyz II Men make surprise appearance at NKOTBSB Concert in Orlando

BoyzBoyz II Men made surprise appearance at last night's New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys show in Orlando, FL. Here are some Youtube videos from the show!

Videos courtesy of MsASL76

Videos courtesy of angylvi

Video courtesy of MIX1007


Reema said...

only if i was here! *THUD* OMG this is just epic and they sound awesome together.. As They put it.. #NKOTBSBIIMEN

Jennifer said...

Most EPIC concert EVER!!! THANK YOU NKOTB for one of the BEST nights of my life!! :) My girlhood heart was so happy! <3

rebeccag said...

I am approaching 60 years old and adore the New Kids on the Block and Back Street Boys. Until last evening, I had never attended a concert in my life! I took my camera to grab photos and video unknowing this was not permitted. I was pulled from the audience and made to erase everything. As he stated, I should have read the back of my ticket. I do apologize for this but it was certainly an oversight on my part,, as I am completely uneducated about the rules and regulations of attending a concern . It is, however, unfortunate that I feared I was going to be beaten by the guard who plucked me out of the group and took me to another location to erase my pictures. I don't ever recall being treated so badly and being so fearful of anyone. This certainly cured my intention of ever attending another concert. The man scared me to death! I also feel differently about the NKOTBSB and that saddens me greatly. I have to admit, I have shed a few tears over this. I don't know who the man was, but it was very obvious he loved screaming at me within a close proximity of my face. Never again will I attend a concert. Grandmother in Ohio.