Monday, September 26, 2011

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Jordan posted some updates to his website including...

Behind the scenes photos from Cover Me Canada...

Questions and answers...

You guys already know everything there is to know about me... but I bet there's some things you don't! Keep checking back here and new questions will asked and answered!

1. Boxers or briefs?
boxer/briefs tighty whitis been out of style for years and things just get tooo outa control with boxers...

2. What's your favorite TV show?
right, now... Dexter, just watched the last season on my computer via iTunes... interesting concept... a serial killer who kills serial killers! crazy!

3. Do you have a favorite memory from being on the road?
The road is a nutty place. Its go go go. but... the thing that brings peace and tranquility after a hectic day and an insane show is my bunk on the bus.  I usually use a lower bunk, closer to the front of the bus to minimize bumps and sways... I love the sleep I get in there. The motor and movement of the bus rocks me to sleep.

4. Do you have any guilty pleasures?
Chocolate...and I don't feel guilty...

5. Have you ever had your heart broken?
of course. ouch!

6. Have you ever done a stage dive?
never, only crowd surfed on the cruise.

7. If you could work with any other artist, who would it be?
Any one really. I like working with people that are enthused to work with me and vice a versa... that's where the magic is..

8. What's the first album you ever bought?
Not sure, but albums that come to mind that I bought first are, Run DMC's first album( the one with Rock Box and Its Like That, Chaka Khan (the one with "through the fire"). GREAT albums... OH and SOS Band "On the Rise", ... "Tell Me if You Still Care, and "Just Good To Me"... those songs ...GOD!

9. What is the oldest thing you own?
I think a New Kids poster lol!

And a new blog:

Thu, Sep 22, 2011 at 8:23 PM By: Jordan Knight
There's so much to say in this first blog, i don't even know where to start! Things have been so hectic, but I wanted to take the time to drop a line for all my beautiful site members. As you can see, I have not stopped since the wrap up of the tour. I've been working hard on my new site, designing some crazy cool things for my fans, and if you didn't know, i'm judging Cover Me Canada with the beautiful, Deborah Cox and the very talented, Ron Fair. Things have been so busy, but so so so cool.

Sorry this blog is so short, but I gotta go already...more later!

Much love to all of you. Muah x3!!!

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