Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wahlburger's Reality Show?

E! Online is reporting that there may be a reality show that would show behind the scenes of opening the new Wahlburger's restaurant. The article also says the Wahlbergs are interested in creating a health and wellness business and creating a clothing line. Here is the article:

We've seen Mark Wahlberg sing, dance, act and even model in his skivvies.

So could reality TV be next for the A-lister formerly known as Marky Mark?

Sure sounds like it...

Wahlberg revealed earlier today that he and his brothers are thinking about shooting a reality series that would follow the opening of their new high-end burger joint, Wahlburger's.

However, Mark isn't so keen to appear on the show.

"Maybe I'll be the Charlie's Angels of reality TV," Wahlberg said at the Graduate to Go Studio launch at the L.A. Harbor Boys & Girls Club. "You'll hear my voice. But obviously it's something that we'd want to control in every aspect and produce and make sure that we were doing something really quality."

And the restaurant business isn't the only venture on Wahlberg's mind.

"We are interested at some point or another doing our own clothing line in the future," he said. "As well as a health and wellness business that will help people first and foremost feel good, exercise, eat right and then look good...Eighty-five percent of the population doesn't exercise and eat right, and you want to be able to push them in the direction of extending their lifespan and living healthy lives."

Speaking of living well, Wahlberg hopes partnering with the Taco Bell Foundation for Teens for today's launch of the Graduate to Go Studio will have a major impact on disadvantaged youth. "They just keep creating new ways for kids to want to stay in school and want to stay out of trouble," he said. "I just love what they do."


Anonymous said...

I WOULD DEF. WATCH! The only thing is that the restaurant is WAY to far for me to enjoy a tasty burger so watching them on TV, going to the concerts is the only way I will enjoy any Wahlburgers!

-Kim in Panama City, FL

erinleigh82 said...

I would watch it and can't wait to try one! I wish Mark, Donnie and Paul nothing but success. Wahlburgers will be a hit!