Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Joey McIntyre interview with Movie Show Plus and Examiner

Joey and director of "The Heat" Paul Feig were interviewed by film critic Greg Russell recently. Here is the video clip:

Tom Santilli of also interviewed Joey, here is a transcript of that interview:

Joey, how did you come to be involved in "The Heat?"

Joey McIntyre: I play one of the crazy, Mullins Family characters. We had done this spoof of "Mad Men" a while back, we called it "MA Men" (like Massachusetts Men). (Laughs) It's sort of a filthy parody, it was on "Funny or Die." You just never know in this business. You can do a bunch of guest spots on TV shows, letting people know you're into acting, and then just one little thing can come along that leads to something more. I got more heat - no pun intended - off of that than anything else. Two of the Bostonian actors from that are in "The Heat," and they probably put in a good word for me.

Paul Feig: No, well, I can tell you. I saw that video and I was like, who? Is that Joey McIntyre? He's hilarious! Literally at that point it was done. It was a done deal. He was going in the movie.

Joey McIntyre: When I read the script, it was just a blast to be involved. We just had so much fun. And being in my hometown (Boston), with all of these funny, funny people. It starts at the top. Paul is such a funny pro, such a nice guy. Then you add in Sandra and Melissa who are just like so cool and get along so well, it just sets the tone every day.

Joey, being a part of New Kids on the Block, you are a huge part of a lot of people's childhood nostalgia. My sisters I can remember, had all of the dolls and even had New Kids on the Block bedsheets in their room. What though, is nostalgia for you? The New Kids are on tour again right now, but what band from your childhood would you love to see reunite?

Joey McIntyre: I just bought a coffee table book of The Clash and I was like, why don't they come back? Sometimes you don't want to come back and ruin what something was, but I'm kind of over it. But for me, I've seen the benefits of coming back. The good thing about being so young back in the day is that we are still relatively young today. You see bands doing it - The Rolling Stones and Aerosmith - but your fans are going to grow with you. But I would say The Clash, I would love to see The Clash get up there. They're older now, but that'd be pretty cool.

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