Friday, June 14, 2013

Watch Donnie Wahlberg's interview with 13 News Orlando

Donnie did an interview with 13 News in Orlando. He talks about the Package Tour, Blue Bloods, Boston's Finest and more.

Update: Video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Or read the partial transcript below...
ALLISON WALKER: We just met up with Jeff Timmons (98 Degrees) in Winter Park. He was yapping about you guys. Is it as kumbaya as he says it is?
DONNIE WAHLBERG: It's probably more kumbaya than Jeff Timmons said it was [laughing]. In fact, in Orlando two years ago when NKOTB - my band - we were out with Backstreet Boys and we had been trying desperately to work with Boyz II Men. We were playing in Orlando and the guys from Boys II Men called and said, 'Hey, we can make it to your show tonight!' And we said, 'Well, you've gotta come out and sing a song.' When they came out, the building shook. I mean, Amway Center almost crumbled to the ground and, like, I knew right there that we're going on tour with Boyz II Men as soon as possible. It was an incredible night, an incredible experience. I still go on You Tube and look up that performance.

AW: You guys sold out instantly.
DW: I mean, every year we keep thinking, 'Well, you know, we're getting up in the 40s now. It's going to slow down.' But it doesn't slow down. We owe it all to our fans. They've been with us since they were little kids ... Instead of spending their parents' money to come and see us, they're spending their own hard-earned money.

AW: You're also starring alongside Tom Selleck in "Blue Bloods." You said that Tom is a great guy until you do something - let's say - "special" on-set during the dinner scenes?
DW: I eat constantly during the shooting of the dinner scenes. A lot of vegetables. The dinner scenes are over in 2 minutes, but they take 8 hours to shoot. After about 2 hours of the broccoli sitting in my stomach, it gets a little pungent on set.

AW: That's just mean.
DW: Tom will just sometimes send me out of the room. He'll send me off the soundstage and say, 'Go stand outside for a few minutes and come back when you air out.'

AW: You executive produce "Boston's Finest" on TNT. How is this unscripted series different from other "reality" shows?

DW: Wed don't even like to call it a reality show because it's more of a docu-drama. We're so proud of this show. It goes inside the lives of the men and women of the Boston Police Department - both on the job and off the job. We found the most incredibly inspiring stories with these officers - some of the challenges they face in their personal lives and everyday they show up to work and put their lives on the line to protect the very streets they grew up on. It's been an eye-opening show for me. I had high hopes for the show and believed that me and my partners could produce a great show. I'm just so inspired by it. I've been, like, moved to tears more than once watching this show. These officers are nothing short of amazing.

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