Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ottawa concert postponed until tomorrow

Ottawa concert has been postponed until tomorrow night.

@DSCress Tweets:
New Kids on the Block concert tonight in #Ottawa canceled [Note - rescheduled for tomorrow night]. Set-up trucks got caught at the US border #ottnews

@MAJIC100Ottawa Tweets:
We have official confirmation. The Package Tour will be rescheduled for tomorrow night at 7:30PM. #Ottawa

@DonnieWahlberg Tweets:
Over 30 days without a day off could not stop us.  No voice couldn't stop us.  Immigration, on the other hand, has forced us into a day off!

Ottawa Citizen posts:
Tonight’s New Kids on the Block concert has been postponed one day. The band, along with Boys 2 Men and 98 Degrees will be at Scotiabank Wednesday night at 7:30 p.m. More to come.


DdubsGirl said...

It was good they allowed an extra day in there, so the concert wouldn't have to be pushed back more than a day. They should've been even smarter and allowed an extra day between Boston and Cananda just in case of something like this. I was worried it was postponed because of Donnie's voice, but I guess not. At least he can rest his voice for one night now. Luckily, they are in PA the day before NJ, so there is no way anybody is getting stuck in customs on June 13th!!

Anonymous said...

I hope refunds are offered because now I can't go!

Cindy said...

I doubt refunds would be offered, the concert is not cancelled.

Anonymous said...

it doesn't matter if it isn't cancelled. People have lives and plans, if you aren't available for the new date you should be able to get a refund.

Anonymous said...

If you purchased that event insurance you can probably get a refund. You could also try and sell them online if they are e-tix.

Anonymous said...

I looked on ticketmaster and it clearly says that you will not be offered a refund, as long as the concert is rescheduled within 1 year of the original date. Yes, people have lives and plans, but things happen. Just like you can't get a refund on plane tickets or a trip you may purchase, without purchasing insurance. It sucks, but that's life.

Anonymous said...

I saw yesterday that they were given refunds yesterday until noon. Hopefully everybody got a refund that needed one!

Anonymous said...

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