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Joey McIntyre at Carnegie Hall set list and more videos

Now that I'm home, I wanted to do a more detailed post about Joey's performance at Carnegie Hall! It was such an amazing performance! Thank you to everyone who shared their video clips!

The show started shortly after 8pm. After the lights went down, two of Joey's kids, Rhys and Kira, took the stage and they asked if everyone was ready. Then they introduced Joey's friend, comedian Adam Ray. Adam did a mini comedy show and then introduced Joey!

Joey opened the show with a song from "Tik Tik Boom" called "30/90", but he changed some of the lyrics to reference him turning 50!

Video courtesy of katyump

Joey took off his tear away tracksuit to reveal his sparkly red suit, and he proceeded to perform the classic Frank Sinatra song "New York, New York": 

Video courtesy of L Tut

Then he went into the song the Bruno Mars song "Uptown Funk" and blended it into "Tonight" by New Kids on the Block 

He paused to talk for a bit. He said he was starting to think January 14th was never going to come! He then invited his sister, Carol Gallagher on stage. He recalled the time when they were sitting on the porch and she invited him to perform at the neighborhood children's theater in Boston. They talked about performing at the Footlight Club, then at Faneuil Hall in Boston, and now they are performing at Carnegie Hall. (You can find the part with their banter here about 8 minutes in.) Then they sang the song "I'd Do Anything" from Oliver. 

Video courtesy of katyump

Then he invited Soshanna Bean, who was his co-star from "Waitress" and "Wicked" on stage. They had some microphone issues, but they improvised the best they could, and performed "Bad Idea" from "Waitress" with only one working microphone between the two of them.

Video courtesy of katyump

After the microphone situation was settled, Joey mentioned that the band was mostly part of the orchestra from "Waitress". Then they performed two other songs from "Waitress": "You Matter to Me" and "What Baking Can Do". (I couldn't find those ones by themselves, but fast forward to about 21 minutes in the video below:

Joey then invited his next guest, Debbie Gibson, on stage and they performed "You're The One that I Want" from Grease. 

Video courtesy of L Tut

Then she sat down at the piano and talked about how Joey had asked her if they could perform "Lost in Your Eyes" together at the Mixtape Tour in 2019. Then they said something like, "However, that's not actually the song we're performing next and we will "copy and paste" that intro later". He said if there was one song he really wanted to perform it was the next song "All the Way" by Frank Sinatra. He said it reminds him of his dad. He also brought up Debbie's mom, who passed away about a year ago. He also invited everyone to think of someone who is important to them. 

Video courtesy of L Tut

Then they performed "Lost in Your Eyes"

Video courtesy of L Tut

Then he invited his friend, songwriter and producer Emanuel "Eman" Kiriakou on stage to join him for the next set. They kicked that off with a cover of U2's “One”, and blended in part of "With or Without You" at the end. 

Video courtesy of dianemarie24

They then performed the first solo Joey song of the evening: "Dance Like That", and a cover of the Sam Smith song "Unholy". He said he did that song for his kids and appreciated that the lyrics were somewhat veiled. 

Video courtesy of Angie Schneider

Then they performed 2 more of Joey's solo songs: "Easier" and "Own This Town"

Video courtesy of L Tut

Video courtesy of WorstUserNameEver

Then he invited Jerry Dixon and Natascia Diaz to the stage. They were his co-stars in his very first play: "Tik Tok Boom". He talked about performing that play at a sketchy venue in the West Village. Then they performed "Louder Than Words" (from Tik Tik Boom). Jerry left the stage and Joey introduced his husband, Mario Cantone, who was in the crowd. Then Natascia and Joey started telling a story about how they got lost in Korea when they did their run of "Tik Tok Boom" over there and they almost missed the show. Joe requested that Natascia not talk about how he almost lost it, which was a good lead into their next song "Therapy" (from Tik Tik Boom).

Joey did a wardrobe change, so while he changed, Natascia Diaz performed the song "Happiness is a Thing Called Joe" by Ethel Waters. 

(If anyone knows where to find that clip, let me know!)

Joey came back out dressed in a black suit, a hat, and a scarf he would later give to his mother-in-law. He sang a few lines from the New Kids on the Block song "Single" and then went into "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John, "Father Figure" by George Michael, and then a song that both of those artists had once performed together: "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me". Soshanna Bean returned to the stage to finish off the song with him.

Video courtesy of jmulkey76

Then they performed "As Long As You're Mine" from Wicked

Video courtesy of L Tut

Joey showed off the actual hat with the open top that he wore during "Hangin Tough Live". He then referenced the famous joke "How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice. Practice. Practice."  Joey said "it's all practice". Then, he joked "but don't ask for your money back since we're practicing up here". He couldn't remember Andrew Carnegie's first name and said he had heard that his name was actually pronounced "Car-neg-gie" and said no matter how successful you are, they still might not pronounce your name right. He then started to talk about auditioning for the New Kids on the Block at only 12 years old. When he auditioned, he sang the Frank Sinatra song "L-O-V-E" to Maurice Starr. So that was the next song on the evening's set list. (This segment starts about 1 minute and 30 seconds into the clip below.)

While performing "L-O-V-E", he went out into the crowd to dance with his sister Susan in the aisle. After he finished that song, Joey talked about his siblings. He said Judy was the first one to come to New York to perform. Then his sister Alice came to New York and she "would have made an amazing  Blockhead" because she brought bagels to famous artists like Fleetwood Mac and Elton John as a way to get backstage. He mentioned his sister Tricia and I think he whispered that she is his "favorite" and that his sister Jean is wonderful too. He said that Katie is good at making cakes and her son got an assist on the Princeton Hockey team. He mentioned his brother Tom, but got too emotional. Joey also shared some words of wisdom: "This too shall pass", "attitude is everything" "You will get through everything in the end, and it'll get you ready for the next tough thing. But that's life". Then he performed the song "Smile" by Nat King Cole. (See first 10 minutes of the clip below)

Then Donnie Wahlberg came out and sang the Frank Sinatra song "One for My Baby". Donnie joked that he is more of a Tony Bennett guy, not Sinatra.  After that, Donnie confirmed that he wasn't alone and Jonathan, Danny, and Jordan came on stage! Jonathan said of course they would not miss Joey's special day. Jordan said that Jonathan was in the audience and came back to the dressing room with tears in his eyes because Joey was so good. 

Then Jonathan wished him a happy birthday and they went into the NKOTB song "Happy Birthday" with the lead vocals song by Jonathan. After that song, they presented a couple birthday gifts to him: a framed poster of his Carnegie Hall advertisement that would be autographed by everyone that went on stage that night. The second was a Boston Celtics #50 jersey autographed by the whole 2022-23 team! 

Joey acknowledged how proud he was of Jonathan on Farmhouse Fixer, and Jonathan announced that there will be a season 3. Joey joked that Jordan was an "ugly crier". He called him a "zen master" and said he has been such an amazing inspiration for him both on and off stage his whole life. Then they performed "The Right Stuff". 

Joey then thanked Danny for accepting him when he was just a young kid (even though Danny said his mom made him), and how Danny was a good example to him because he would just brush his teeth and go to bed after the show. Then they went into the song "Please Don't Go Girl". 

Video courtesy of katyump

The final set started off with Joey's son Griffin singing "Stay the Same" on the piano and Joey joined in. 

Video courtesy of April Lynn

He followed that up with the Paul McCartney song "Maybe I'm Amazed" on the piano. It was a song dedicated to his wife, Barrett, even though she might be sick of him playing the song.

Video courtesy of April Lynn

By then it was about 10:56 and they had to get off stage before 11 so they wouldn't get in trouble with the curfew, so he told the backing band that they had enough time to just do one verse of "Five Brothers and a Million Sisters"

Here is the complete set list from Joey McIntyre at Carnegie Hall:

Special thanks to Krista on the "Joey McIntyre at Carnegie Hall" Facebook group for posting this set list... I did not know the titles and original artists for all the songs! 

30/90 from Tik Tik Boom
New York, New York
Uptown Funk
I'd Do Anything (with sister Carol Gallagher)

With Soshanna Bean (songs from Waitress)
Bad Idea
You Matter to Me
What Baking Can Do

With Debbie Gibson
You're The One that I Want
All the Way
Lost In Your Eyes

With Emmanuel Kiriakou
One (U2, plus With or Without You Chorus)
Dance Like That
Unholy (Sam Smith)
Own This Town

With Jerry Dixon and Natascia Diaz
Louder Than Words (from Tik Tik Boom)

With Natascia Diaz
Therapy (from Tik Tik Boom)
Happiness is a Thing Called Joe (Ethel Waters)

Tiny Dancer (with Single intro)
Father Figure

With Soshanna Bean
Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me
As Long As You're Mine (Wicked)
(Story of meeting Maurice Star)
L-o-v-e (Sinatra, plus dance with sister Susan)

(Introduction of other sisters and brother)
Smile (Nat King Cole)
One for My Baby (Sinatra, with Donnie)

With all New Kids on the Block
Happy Birthday
(Presentation of birthday gifts)
The Right Stuff
Please Don't Go Girl

With Griffin McIntyre
(piano solo by Griffin)
Stay the Same

Maybe I'm Amazed (Paul McCartney, with Emmanuel Kiriakou)
Five Brothers and a Million Sisters


L Tut said...

Thank you so much for putting this together to help us all relive or live the concert! It was such an amazing show!

I have The Right Stuff: https://youtu.be/78tpqyIJcsc

and when Donnie sang to Joey: https://youtu.be/zy5roblPmsI

Anonymous said...

Didn’t Nkotb sing “Hangin’ Tough” too?? Or did I imagine it?