Tuesday, January 31, 2023

More about BlockCon from Donnie and Joey

Donnie and Joey posted a few stories on their Instagram accounts about BlockCon 2023:

Prior to the announcement, Donnie posted that it'll be a whole year of celebrating and BlockCon is only "step 1".  

When someone asked what's next, he replied with "Never know - but you know we will make it an adventure!"

Then he gave a shout-out to video creator Adam Schleichkorn (aka "Mylo the Cat") who created the video to advertise BlockCon that used clips from the New Kids on the Block cartoon. 

Joey shared this cute graphic for the BlockCon

But more importantly, he posted that he might try to do a solo show during BlockCon!

Then Donnie re-shared that story and added he wants to do after parties!

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