Tuesday, January 24, 2023

NKOTB News for January 24

People.com posted an article about Joey's Carnegie Hall performance! They asked him about his plans for this year. Here's a quote: 

As for what's next, McIntyre says his Carnegie performance felt "like a kickoff" for his plans to make his 50th year extra special.

"I've been saying to friends that I want to do 50 shows this year, so 50 for 50," says the star, although he admits that plans have not been finalized. "I'm just doing what I love to do, and taking it one day at a time but I think it'll all come together soon."

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Could one of the those 50 shows be in Boston? Joey shared a photo of a chair by the Charles River in Boston over the weekend with the caption "future namaste":

Joey shared a photo of him with Peloton instructor, Robyn: 

He posted this selfie last night: 

Shoshana Bean made a heartfelt post about Joey and she included a clip of them rehearsing. Click here to view! 

My sweet Joe Mac…you belong to the masses. But your superpower is making each of us feel so seen and so cared for that we are sure you belong solely to us alone. You have always held me with a strength and sensitivity that made me feel more safe and more courageous than I would have been had you not been at my side. Even under the scariest and most vulnerable of circumstances. I am so grateful for, inspired by and proud of you! Thank you for having me be even the tiniest part of such a massive moment. To many, many more chances to goof around and say yes, my friend. #joeshanaforever xo

And speaking of posts about working with one of the guys, Jessica Pimentel, who guest starred in last week's episode of Blue Bloods, posted about working with Donnie

If you guessed I was talking to Danny Reagan in my previous post, YOU WERE CORRECT!

Here I am with the gracious and awesome forever heartthrob @donniewahlberg

Who was an absolute joy to work with.

I am seriously, humbly and thankfully at a loss for words today from all the outpouring of love and support from family, friends and fans of @bluebloods_cbs .

What an amazing experience!

What should we order at Manducatis for dinner?

Donnie shared a few things on his social media recently:  

At Joey's Carnegie show, Jonathan announced there will be a season 3 of Farmhouse Fixer and it looks like they are looking for people to have their house renovated! Scott Harmon posted this on "Jonathan Knight's "FARMHOUSE FIXER" Fan Page" on Facebook

If you meet the criteria, click here to apply!

A couple Team Betty groups are doing local fundraisers! Team Betty Colorado is hosting a paint and sip night on February 5th!

And Team Betty New Orleans is hosting a bowling event on February 4th!

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