Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Catching up with Donnie Wahlberg

Last week Donnie was on the east coast for the Patriots game and the grand opening of Wahlburgers at Foxwoods in Connecticut. He also spent some time in New York and it looks like he was recording something while there!

He posted quite a bit over the past week or so.  Here are some highlights!


They had a nameplate for him at the Patriots game and he expressed his gratitude for the experience:

He posted a couple of stories about some of his favorite foods and he asked his followers if there was a better "chip" than "Funyuns": 

Here are some thoughts he shared: 

He flew back home to "Chi-City" last Friday and posted a few stories from the plane. Note: the one with Marissa Ramirez, he wrote "see you on the set soon". As you probably know, Blue Bloods has not started filming yet due to the actors and writers strike. As far as I know, it doesn't look like the strikes will end anytime soon and the writers would need to start working on scripts before they start filming. But Donnie sounds optimistic. Either way, it will be at least 2024 before new episodes air. 

Once back in the Chicago area, Donnie was able to get a few rounds of golf in.

While golfing on Saturday, he witnessed a wedding going on at the country club, so we went over and got a photo with the bride and bridesmaids:

Yesterday was the 15 year anniversary of the first official New Kids on the Block concert of the reunion. So, he made a post about that: 

He left Chicago for an unknown destination yesterday. (Update: he flew to Los Angeles.) Do you think he was intentionally blocking something reflecting his glasses? 🤖🤖

Unless this is an old photo, wherever he went, he met up with his friend and New Kids wardrobe designer Patrick Petty!

Donnie who the most famous person in his contacts is (it looks like it was from when he attended the golf tournament in Detroit a few weeks ago). Watch the full video with other attendees including Mark Wahlberg at joshraznick on Instagram

98 Degrees was also at the grand opening of the Wahlburgers last week and they posted a couple of videos to their social media. 

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