Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Update on Theresa and Christina

Following up on the story about the fan who was going to receive a kidney transplant from another fan... They had surgery on August 31 and are both doing well!

Here are a couple of news stories about their successful transplant: 

Channel 12 WISN (Milwaukee)

ABC Channel 7 (Los Angeles) 

You can also follow their social media pages for more updates: 



A group of fans are nominating Christina for Kelly Clarkson's "Rad Human"! Here is a post from Kelley Morgan

Christina is one of the RADDEST humans in the world. Not only is she a physician, musician, aerial artist, song writer, playwriter, #Blockhead, and so much more, she is also a #livingkidneydonor.

We need your help to get the story of Christina and Theresa in the hands of #KellyClarkson. Please share, tag, tell a friend, like this post, tie it to a pigeons* leg and send it on its way!

The story is not over though, Theresa's sister is still looking for her #LifeSaver. 

If you're interested in helping Theresa's sister Sandy Henson find a kidney, go here!

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