Friday, September 8, 2023

The Block Revisited now available on Amazon and Target

You can now pre-order The Block Revisited on 2LP purple vinyl (with bonus tracks and alternate cover) exclusively at Amazon* and on 1CD with bonus tracks exclusively at Target**!

You can also still get it in Black vinyl and on MP3 format as well!

*Just an FYI, the vinyl does not have all the tracks including the 4 new songs and some of the remixes that Apple Music has. Here are the tracks listed:

Disc 1

1. Click Click Click (Side A)

2. Single (NKOTB and Ne-Yo) (Side A)

3. Big Girl Now (featuring Lady Gaga) (Side A)

4. Summertime (Side A)

5. 2 in the Morning (Side A)

6. Grown Man (featuring the Pussycat Dolls and Teddy Riley) (Side B)

7. Dirty Dancing (Side B)

8. Sexify My Love (Side B)

9. Twisted (Side B)

10. Full Service (featuring New Edition) (Side B)

11. Lights, Camera, Action (Side B)

Disc 2

1. Put It on My Tab (featuring Akon) (Side C)

2. Stare at You (Side C)

3. One Song (Side C)

4. Don’t Cry (Side C)

5. Officially Over (Side C)

6. Looking Like Danger (Side D)

7. Message From Anna Wahlberg (Side D)

8. Close To You (Side D)

9. Message From Tom McIntyre (Side D)

10. Coming Home (Side D)

11. Dirty Dancing (Dem Jointz Remix) feat. Joshua, D.K. & Dino of SEVENTEEN (Side D)

12. Summertime (Redone Remix) (Side D)

** The Target version only has 2 of the 4 new songs and only the "Dirty Dancing" remix.  Here's what Target has on listed on their site: 

1 Click Click Click 3:44
2 Single (NKOTB And NE-YO) 3:55
3 Big Girl Now (feat. Lady Gaga) 3:28
4 Summertime 3:22
5 2 In The Morning 3:25
6 Grown Man (feat. The Pussycat Dolls And Teddy Riley) 2:57
7 Dirty Dancing 3:37
8 Sexify My Love 3:30
9 Twisted 3:09
10 Full Service (feat. New Edition) *(New Edit) 3:56
11 Lights, Camera, Action 3:04
12 Put It On My Tab (feat. Akon) 3:53
13 Stare At You 3:34
14 One Song 3:40
15 Don't Cry 4:10
16 Officially Over 3:58
17 Looking Like Danger 3:08
18 Message from Alma Wahlberg* 0:34
19 Close To You 3:33
20 Message from Tom McIntyre* 0:46
21 Coming Home *Unreleased track 3:57
22 Dirty Dancing (Remix) feat. SEVENTEEN *New Remix 3:46
23 Wanna Fall In Love * Target Exclusive Track 4:26
24 Girls Night Out *Target Exclusive Track 3:03


Kramerica said...

So are the four bonus tracks only available on iTunes? I thought it would be available on Amazon music as well.

NKOTB News said...

I'm not sure. When I first looked at Amazon it had the same tracks as iTunes. Now it doesn't show them and it says"11 SONGS • 1 HOUR AND 46 MINUTES" so that doesn't seem to match up.