Friday, September 29, 2023

NKOTB News for September 29

It's been a little quiet over the past few days, but here are a few things that are happening in the New Kids on the Block world!

Everyone has been talking about a potential NSYNC reunion and their new song from the Trolls movie. Did you know there is also a small NKOTB reference in the movie? Watch the video below (starts about 0:55 in). 

Jonathan has been busy filming season 3 of Farmhouse Fixer! This photo was shared by North of Boston Studios on Instagram:

And here are a couple of photos from Kristina Crestin

And speaking of Kristina, she recently celebrated her birthday (which Jon made a post about). Victoria Levy posted this photo of her with Kristina, Jon, and Harley as they celebrated Kristina's birthday:

Jon also went to 35 Beach last week and shared a photo of him and the owners Margaret and Matt: 

Joey has been relatively quiet since his show last Sunday night, but he posted a photo of his shadow with the words "Thinking about you" on his Instagram stories. 

Joey's son Rhys recently celebrated his Bar Mitzvah and he shared some photos (click here to see more photos)

From Joey's post: 

This past year has been so full of joy. And no day was more joyous than when @rhysemcintyre became a #BarMitzvah. I cannot articulate how impressed and inspired I am by Rhys’s answering the call to the Torah. He was so focused and engaged. There was never any doubt that this was something he was going to do. He studied vigorously and it showed on his special day. In short, the kid’s got chutzpah.

My catholic father had many a saying, one of them was “do you have a rabbi?”. He would ask that when he saw that I was stuck and needed some guidance. Rhys has many rabbis now. I’m so thrilled that he has a star to steer him. A culture a tradition a people to share this magical journey we are on. I wish him and all my Jewish friends and family- especially my wife Barrett who is the greatest “rabbi” of them all- a very happy new year and g’mar chatima tovah!! #yomkippur (He’s also fasting today for the first time- wish him well!!)

Donnie posted a "love eternal" post last Friday: 

Then his posted this video from someone's driveway later that night: 

But it looks like he is back home in Illinois now: 

Here are some other highlights from Donnie: 

I never realized this before - but if you look closely at his signatures, they are all slightly different. I had previously assumed he created a stock image of his signature to use, but it appears he signs each one specifically. Just thought that was cool that he did that. 

Jenny was on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna earlier this week and she talked a bit about Donnie!

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