Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"Blog from Beyond"

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Hey All….

It’s your man here- Donnie.

I know some of you are worried…

I know some of you are confused…

I know some of you have heard a lot of stories that I almost died…

I can tell you they are not true.

I did not almost die.

The truth is…

I actually did die.

Yes its true… I am dead.

I am no longer alive.

In fact I’m writing this from heaven (or is it hell? Hard to tell with all the clouds around…..)

Anyway- I am sorry that I died behind the wheel of a car that never crashed… Never wobbled… Never even drifted into a stray lane. I’m really sorry that I let so many people down by dying. Please know that I wish I was still alive too but this dying this is kind of fun.

I left in my will that I want to be cryogenically frozen so I can be brought back to life one day if medicine finds a way to revive me…. So maybe they will find a way to bring back my uninjured, unscathed, unscratched, yet somehow dead body before for our next tour.

And whatever you do… Please don’t look at the car that I was driving on that fateful night- the lack of dents and scratches mean nothing. I did die. I didn’t crash. I didn’t almost crash. But I did die in the non accident.

Pray for my family….

As Always Your Man-

Donnie W

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