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Summary of Kelli Daisy's interview with Jordan Knight

Yummy Mommy Club blogger, Kelli Daisy had a chance to interview Jordan, and here is her summary:

Back in the summer of 1990, when I was 17, the New Kids On The Block tour arrived at our local Ex. OF course we went. My sister and I, both fully obsessed with NKOTB, bought tickets immediately. I was a Jordan (who wasn’t?) and my sister was a Jordan, but also a Danny. The day of the concert it was pouring rain – it was an outdoor concert. The show went on though, but the stage was soaked. They couldn’t dance – at all. Instead, they chose to use the stage as one big slip and slide – it was awesome. This summer, 21 years later, I will see them again in concert. I might be more excited now.

When I found out that I was going to get to interview Jordan Knight – the Jordan Knight who starred in my teenage fantasies and who’s poster was plastered all over my high school bedroom walls – I was excited – but also slightly terrified. Jordan is on a publicity tour to promote his new album Unfinished and its first single Let’s Go Higher, meaning he’s basically giving interview after interview. I was nervous I wouldn’t ask the ‘right’ questions and that he would think I was a bad interviewer. Seriously – think of how mundane answering the same questions over and over and over again must be. I didn’t want to be the girl who bored Jordan Knight to death! I mean watched him tweet that he’s really sick of people asking him about Justin Bieber (note to self – avoid any and all Justin Bieber questions) and all of a sudden all I could think of were Justin Bieber questions! Honestly – total interviewer anxiety!

So given the fact that Jordan is promoting his new single we started off talking about that. Have you heard Let’s Go Higher? I first heard it when he performed it on The Marilyn Denis show and instantly I liked it. Its up-tempo, it’s catchy, it's fun – and it totally makes me sing and dance in my kitchen when I listen to it. And it wasn’t supposed to be the first single either. When I asked Jordan about it he told me that he’d had that song in his back pocket for about a year, and each time his team tried to decide on what his debut single would be, they kept bringing it up. He felt like that meant it should be the debut single. I think it was a good call. And for all of you wondering when you’re going to see a video – don’t worry – he just wrapped shooting it – so he said it’s coming - within a week. I told him it might be a nice idea to tweet out some ‘teasers’ and he thought that was a great idea. So seriously if that happens – thank me.

The full album, Unfinished is dropping on May 31st –and he's really excited about it. His last solo album was in 1999 so this was kind of a labour of love for him. He sounded like this was the solo album he’s been waiting to make – like this is the one that is really him – that’s really Jordan. It wasn’t fake – he's sincerely excited for this album.

We then went on to talk about the upcoming NKOTBSB cruise and 41 City tour that kicks off on June 3rd and I couldn’t help but marvel at the dedication of the fans that buy ticket after ticket for these concerts. The cruise sold out the very first day the tickets went on sale!! Jordan was so cool about it though, saying the cruises especially are very humbling and their fans are now more like friends than fans. He recognizes that going to a NKOTBSB concert is about getting away from everyday life and going back to a time when you were a teenager. He gets it - I love it that they love that we are channelling our inner teenager at their concerts.

Jordan Knight is also a husband and father of two boys. We talked about the struggles of touring and being a father at the same time and surprisingly he has the same issues that most of us do as working parents. He says it’s a little easier to be away from his family when he’s on tour because at least then he’s in tour mode – he can focus on the job he has to do, and while he misses them he at least has his work to focus on. But it’s times like now – in the middle of promotion and filming videos and giving interviews that’s hard. Because he’s home, but he can’t really see them that much because there are commitments that keep him so busy. I asked him if his oldest son, who’s 11, was a singer, but he said although he’s a very talented pianist he’s more into sports these days. He was very clear that he doesn’t push him to do anything but be a typical 11 year old boy, which is pretty refreshing.

You’ve probably also heard that NKOTBSB also have released a new single ‘Don’t Turn off the Lights’ which - if you’re a fan – you’ll lose your shit over. I mean really – two of the biggest boy bands of the 1990’s/2000’s have joined together and put out a new song – a good song. The only thing that could make it better would be a video! But don’t hold your breath for that ladies – the logistics on that one are a little tough. Jordan thinks a video would be a great idea but it would only work if maybe they filmed it when they were in rehearsal. Again – another idea that if it happens I would like to take credit for. You’re welcome. They’re also putting out a greatest hits album with The Backstreet Boys – 5 NKOTB songs, 5 BSB songs and 2 original songs that will be available in May. And yes, you will get to see Jordan perform some of his new album during the tour as well!

We went on to talk about Twitter and how social media has really changed the game for artists these days. How all of them can now personally connect with their fans so they don’t have to wait for a magazine to decide to run a feature, or a radio station to decide to play their song – they can deliver it directly to their fans. And he loves the twitter fans – honestly. He was humble and genuine and really seemed to be thankful of all the diehard fans that tweet him and request his song. He said he loves reading when someone tweets him that they’re listening to Let’s Go Higher and that it’s just support and that he’s so thankful for it.

We talked about the young stars these days – and how so many of them seem to be succumbing to the spoils of fame. And how, even at the height of the NKOTB popularity, none of them ever got involved in a scandal. There were no drug problems, no driving under the influence problems, no violence, no diva behavior – nothing like that. And 20 years later – there’s still nothing like that. How? How can 5 men survive being the most popular men on the planet and still be normal, while certain young stars of today can’t turn 18 without an arrest record? This is what he had to say;

“We had each other. That was one of the biggest things. When you’re on a team you have your teammates to keep you in check and stand behind you. And that’s very important. Friends were important. “

He said they’re still friends – and that if one of them gets out of line, or if their ego starts to get too big, there’s always someone beside them to remind them who they are. I love that.

If you haven’t listened to Jordan’s new single ‘Let’s Go Higher’ – you can visit his website to hear it, or download it from iTunes. I’ve also attached it above. But when you listen to it make sure you turn it up really loud – it’s better that way. You should be listening to it - over and over. It's been on replay in my house for at least a week. His entire album will be available May 31st.

I have to say it was a pleasure to speak with him, because it’s not every day that you get to talk to someone that had a starring role in your dreams for most of your teenage years. I cannot wait until August 4th when the NKOTBSB tour hits Ottawa – my girlfriends and I all have our tickets and will be channeling our inner teenager. And you know what, I’m still a Jordan.

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