Monday, May 21, 2012

Donnie Wahlberg to star in a new movie called "Home: The Film"

Donnie Wahlberg will be in a new movie called "Home: The Film" (also written as "Home:____")! Shooting will begin this June in Brooklyn, NY.

Because the movie is an independant film, they need to raise some funds. Check out their Kickstarter Website to help with fundraising.

Here is the synopsis of the film from the Kickstarter site:

Home is the story of a man named Jack, suffering from mental illness, whose goal is to move out of the group home where he resides and into a home of his own. By doing so he hopes to rebuild his life, reconnect with his estranged son, and put himself back on a path to "normalcy." Despite what some see as difficult subject matter (a man dealing with mental illness) Home is filled with wonderful characters, a lot of humor, strong drama, hope... and ultimately, an uplifiting ending.

According to the video in this blog entry Donnie's character will be "Dundee" who is a friend of the main character Jack Hall who was diagnosed with mental illness and is now looking for a place to call home.

Click here for Home: The Film's website!

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