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Jordan Knight interview with

Jordan did an interview with (the original article in German can be found here).

"I could have put to rest"

They were just on tour with her solo album in the U.S. and now you are back with eight other men on the stage that you have to jostle for the attention of the fans. What is more fun?

A solo tour is harder. I have no great for traveling, luxury bus with as "NKOTB". The audience is smaller. There are even wonderful audience for my solo concerts, but of course I play in any arena. Just because I disagree with two mega-groups with gigantic hits the road, am attracting a lot of people. It has also made a lot of fun anyway. It was great so alone on stage, I had the feeling of having accomplished something. I hope I can play the same show in Germany and throughout Europe.

Are you disappointed as a solo artist not to have as much success as "NKOTB"?

Of course we all want success. But for me it's not a disappointment not to play in big arenas. Yes I have and love both. And since I do not compete with other musicians, I do it solo and certainly not with the "New Kids On The Block". Because "NKOTB" are five types, with five different personalities and talents. And these five types together such a great attraction that it is really difficult to have claimed to be against them. I like to compete against myself. If I am better than yesterday, this is a great achievement for me. It gives me self-esteem and makes me proud.

Thus would "Unfinished" a better album than your previous solo albums ...

True, it is.


I think I have matured and can be heard. I was able to release this album better, trust my instincts and my creativity. And besides, I'm just a singer become better.

What time and again, the lyrics about love and "Girls" are, as in "NKOTB". Is the girl, which you sing your wife?

Let me look. (Jordan Knight, the CD picks it up and going again through all the tracks. Since the album in America was published in the previous year had forgiven him, that he can not remember exactly at the track list), some are truly from my wife .

Which ones?

I can not say in a rush for sure.

Is that too personal?

No, but if you write music, it's a lot of imagination, some things are stories from real life and sometimes there are stories from the past. When you sing solo stuff, it is of course on a more personal level than in the group. "Rock Star" is definitely a song about the fans. "O-Face" is about my wife, but has been inspired by the fans. "Kiss It Away" is about a past relationship.

They have been married for eight years and a father. Does your son really cool twelve years, what his dad does for a living?

Yes, still. I think once he is 13 he thinks it's uncool. (Laughs) No, that was fun. He has even sung just for a play at his school and wanted me to give him some tips. He admires and respects what I do.

And what Jordan Knights son admired him, is also in Hamburg before 8000 fans - mostly women - a big spectacle. "New Kids On The Block" and "Backstreet Boys" stand up on the show opener and burst into song at the end always turns on the stage. They perform all their hits from the respective peak periods of the bands, just as we wrote in 1994.

Today's 32 - to 43-year-olds trying to be sexual innuendo with lascivious Hüftschwüngen. And the "Backstreet Boys" get even four women from the audience onto the stage. In one form or another Bezirzten Tears flow at near enough to the star. Quite so romantic it is, at least for the lady who had chosen not AJ McLean - they had him on his pants open house to draw attention. Even a "Backstreet Boy" just in some situations, only a man of middle age.

The concert is still a fun two hours, after which most of the women present were able to safely go without heartache home to her husband and children. Good thing the teenage years are over.

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