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Dagbladet reviews NKOTBSB concert

Here is a translated review from Dagbladet.no (you can read the original article in Norweigen here).

Nostalgic lapdance with a flabby Nick Carter

One of many highlights in the boy band night in Oslo Spektrum.

CONCERT: There was a small bonus ldri behavior, as expected, the earliest attending to yesterday's joint concert with the boy band legends New Kids On The Block (NKOTB) and Backstreet Boys (BSB):

Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell 9 year old son had entered the stage and perform "I Want You Back," Michael Jackson's brilliance number of times as a child star in the Jackson 5

A more appropriate action to charm the core audience could hardly have been taken, now that a large percentage of them even have a small or two at home.

"Gift Package for the ex-fans"
For both, both NKOTB and BSB marked his comeback in the 2000s by providing a disc of new material, but that there were supporters from the golden age in the 90s that were the target group, there was little doubt.

The organizers sold even in the event as "a gift to all former boy band fans."

Whether it was a real treat for anyone who is still boy band fans, was not mentioned.

Ladies, ladies, ladies
If there be any doubt: We are talking about women, in all overwhelming mainly.

Women who ever reigned boy band pop star sky was giggling teenage girls, and this evening came to pick them up again.

Some were undoubtedly present when NKOTB were on the same stage 21 (!) Years ago, but for others there has been a long wait.

The enthusiasm was then, with nice clothes on and screaming young girl cries as a result of the afterparty with girlfriend gang.

Keeping the goals?
But how good really delivers these ancient heroes in 2012?

It's the big difference.

From the beginning, when the two groups for a common opening numbers split up and for a period drove every other song, it was obvious that the pioneer boys in NKOTB was a whole different level of both singing, dancing, choreography, light shows and the use of the stage.

Even the backing band sounded better with them.

It was just incredibly fun to look stylish, implemented and not the least enthusiastic performances of everything from beautiful R & B ballads like "Did not I Blow Your Mind This Time" to the early electro-pop of "Step By Step" .

Tired now, Nick Carter
While NKOTBs Jonathan and Joey did shine as singers, rested Backstreet Boys too much of a Nick Carter who was both unfocused and out of shape, to the extent that it sucked up all the attention.

He delivered either as a singer, dancer, Showman or sexual magnet, and so basically most of all like a bit flabby, drunk guy standing on the after party and act like the party without it.

When the rest of the group then just deliver acceptable, it helps, unfortunately, not all the world's super catchy hits.

Heyday in the rearview mirror
The composition of the U.S. giants are on paper rather ingenious. The fun navnesymbiosen, NKOTBSB, is now one thing, but not least, it is good value for money when they together cover roughly 15 years of boy band heyday.

The Boston-based NKOTB broke through in 1988 with the second album "Hangin 'Tough" and the funky Prince-hit single "You Got It (The Right Stuff)", was the fact that they set the standard for every boy band that was to come.

There were five singing and dancing synchronously young boys with pretty faces and ladies' man image, composed of a backer and songwriter - Maurice Starr.

Starrs inspiration was his work with the black vocal group New Edition (the start of the careers of both Bobby Brown and Bell biv DeVos), but he was never satisfied with what they managed to achieve commercially.

With NKOTB were the other bowls.

After a fantastic year at the beginning of the nineties began, however, to go slower for Jordan, Jonathan, Joey, Danny and Donnie.

The quintet broke with Starr, released a largely self-written album that was not particularly well received, and ended up going their separate ways in 1994.

Favorites in Europe
At that time, as far as what was to become the best selling boy band seen the light of day in Orlando, Florida.

Brian, AJ, Howie, Nick and Kevin were put together to Backstreet Boys Lou Pearlman, a music interested investor who later also became the source of Justin Timberlake's boy band * NSYNC.

BSB had a slow start in the home country but in Europe they quickly turned on, and it was also here debut album first came out - in 1996.

Maybe it had something to do with the style of the Swedish songwriters and producers Denniz Pop, Max Martin and Kristian Lundin, who through the years to deliver here in the hit of the dancing heartthrob.

It culminated with the third album "Millennium", which, with songs such as "Larger Than Life," "Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely" and "The One" was the best-selling album in the U.S. in the year of publication 1999.

In the 2000s, however, also support the BSB to problems. AJs substance abuse led to a break between 2002 and 2004, and when the group arrived on the scene again, there were no partners from the golden age. The response was then.

Purchasing power and nostalgia
In the same period as the BSB picked up the thread again, started just a little boy band-revival to take its toll. British greats Take That and East 17 came together again in 2006, and heels followed the Irish Boyzone. Then, in 2008, came the trip to New Kids On The Block. The round was completed.

Most of the boy band has had great success after unification.

An important part of the explanation is that the old fan base has now reached an age where they both have purchasing power, are less interested in new music, and above all have distance enough to be right-hand to reminisce about the old days - and the need for the .

It is also the impression one is left with after yesterday's Spektrum concert.

Lapdance with BSB
The absurdity of screaming audience reaction was to touch and feel when four adults, normal-looking women were brought up on stage to sit on their bar stool and get a kind of musical lapdance by each Backstreet Boy.

When Nick Carter stood with just the microphone between his lips and his elect, screams rang out across the concert hall.

At the same time, it was very funny. And just fun was enough there it was about many of the visitors. Letting your inhibitions, to not take itself too seriously and having fun.

The two bands will have to, is whether to give one hundred percent of the contact with the audience.

The stage was built out of a mole to an island that was far out in the audience area, and thus gave "front row" feeling to many people. That they knew to use.

From vital to the sad
The 2.5-hour concert in Oslo Spektrum showed a complex picture of boy band ståa anno 2012.

The pioneers of NKOTB, who almost all have rounded the 40, showed that it is possible to have both the vitality and honor intact even if, strictly speaking, no longer classifies as "boy", and that belong to the denigrated boy band genre does not need to be nothing to be ashamed of.

Backstreet Boys, however, appeared most of all a little sad bunch of half his career on the wane, which cling to the old glory days.

Time to go a round with itself.

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