Thursday, May 17, 2012

NKOTB News for May 17

Here is an interview Jordan did with
Update: video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?
TBS/TNT's Michael Wright talks a little bit about Boston Blue in this interview from TV Guide Magazine.

...Other show is Boston Blue, basically 24/7 in the life of the Boston Police strike force. These guys handle the roughest crimes in Boston. Donnie Wahlberg is a Boston boy and he got amazing access through his relationships that allowed us to put cameras in the cars and go places. What I love is half of the show is following them in the course of their work, and these are some pretty mean streets. These are guys going after really bad guys, and they got it on film. 
The strategy behind both of these is, let's take audiences that are already coming to our network for other programming, and see if we can bring them to unscripted drama. 
TV Guide Magazine: It sounds like you ought to pick up the syndicated episodes of Blue Bloods and pair it with Boston Blue. 
Wright: You know, we'll see. I like that show. It's a quiet little performer at CBS. They do such a great job at CBS.

Blue Jay Studio - one of the recording studio's that Jordan used to record "Unfinished" - is being sold. Read the article from the Boston Globe here.

New Kids on the Block were included in Rolling Stone's article The top 25 teen idol breakout moments.

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