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Joey McIntyre and Howie Dorough interview with Frankfurter Rundschau

Here is an interview Joey and Howie did with FrankfurterRundschau (the original article in German is here).

Backstreet Boys, and "new kids" on joint tour

Hardly any room in which hung her poster is not: In the 80 years the "New Kids On The Block" THE boy band par excellence - to the "Backstreet Boys" they were replaced in the '90s. Now the cult of boy bands come together as NKOTBSB then to Germany.

Seven letters stand for the massed singing and dancing power of nine well-preserved male to 40: NKOTBSB. The New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys are the first time together on tour in Germany.

In London we met, "Backstreet Boy" Howie Dorough (pictured 2nd from right) and "New Kid" Joey McIntyre (3rd from left) to talk about old times and new diva potential.

Gentlemen, nine band members are not just a little!

Joey McIntyre: We have been invented panoramic cameras. Perhaps we had better make pyramids on photos, that would be more space-saving ....

The Backstreet Boys have started when the New Kids On The Block in 1994 split. Is still the same boy band boy band?

Howie Dorough: No, by the example of New Kids On The Block, we already knew what may come of it. We worked harder than their colleagues.

Joey: You were professional and somehow perfect. But that was the concept and had nothing to do with the different decades in which our bands were active. But it is not true that we were the first boyband: Before us there were New Edition, The Jackson 5 and The Osmonds.

If you look at old videos, you have to say already: The New Kids On The Block were with their studs and leather jackets, the cooler!

Howie: Yeah. It was a different time. End of the nineties, you had to look more like the guy next door. The New Kids had a look yet styled stage.

Joey: crap, just the opposite was the case! When we started, Straßenkredibilität was announced. You were the regular guy? On stage, you had to their space suits!

Howie: We were just really professional.

Did you in joining the band, that your life will change?

Joey: No, I was 13! I went to school. We were kids, had fun, wanted to meet girls, play music and experience. Our personalities and our energy was never forced. With our second album we succeeded then by chance of a breakthrough.

Howie: For me it was different. Because our manager Lou Pearlman was the rich, who knew exactly where he wanted with the band, because there was already a success story before us. I suspected and hoped it could be my winning the lottery. But I was already 20 when I was selected for the Backstreet Boys.

Again this boy band cliché ...

There is the stereotype for boy bands, that is a pretty, shy of the other, one a hot dancer ....

Howie: I was all along.

Joey: And I'm the sweet little girl. I was so much smaller than everyone else.

Who is the diva of you today?

Joey: We all have a little diva in us. It's hard enough to get to nine individuals under one roof.

Why did the Backstreet Boys 130 million albums sold and the New Kids "only" 80 million?

Joey: If you're a cool band, it now sells fewer times. We are a niche amongst the boy bands, do not you?

Howie: In the late '90s, when the Backstreet Boys were really successful, the economy was just too damn good. You can not compare with the misery of today.

What does an artistic point of this tour for you?

Howie: It is very refreshing for us, our hits consider in this context. As refreshing as a Hefeweizen.

Joey: This tour gives us freedom and takes the pressure off, because we are simply stronger together. This could continue for another couple of years, I think.

Howie: NKOTBSB is something of an on-off relationship for both bands. For the Backstreet Boys are working alongside, of course, still on a new album.

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