Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Joey McIntyre shares his thoughts about Boston Marathon

Joey posted on his "BLoGston Marathon" blog about the Boston Marathon. Here is what he had to say...

The Day After
Nothing can change that beautiful New England country side. Nothing can wipe away the moment I had with that Joey girl holding that well preserved New Kids poster from ‘89. Nothing can stop the “little person” walking up heart break hill or the double amputee walking down it on prosthetic “blades”. Nothing can take away that kiss I had with my mother. And no ones gonna tell me she didn’t recognize me. No one can take away the signs all along the course for every teacher and aunt and BFF and son and uncle that was running. Nothing can take away what happened 11 minutes after I ran a 3:57 Boston Marathon. And nothing will ever take away the power and resolve and fearlessness of the great city of Boston. We will get through this. It will take time. But we will get through this. See ya next year.

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