Friday, April 5, 2013

NKOTB on the Today Show (Interview only)

Here is the tracscrip of NKOTB's interview on today's episode of the Today Show:

Transcript: >>> they've sold more than 80 million albums worldwide and have countless fans and they continue to sell out stadiums.

>> new kids on the block are out with a brand-new album called "10" and they're going on tour with 98 degrees and boyz 2 men.

>> jordan knight, jonathan knight, johnny wahlberg, and joey mcintyre.

>> you told us we would nefr age, so we like you for that. fans have gathered and they do seem like they're a younger crowd. is that what you guys are seeing as you embark on this new journey?

>> multigenerational.

>> you guys all have kids of your own so and you've been around how many years as a group now?

>> 20? 28?

>> do the math.

>> did you ever think about changing the name?

>> no, not really.

>> the new kids on the block are not the new kids on the block.

>> but there's the beach boys and groups like that.

>> you're right.

>> did you practice that?

>> that's smart.

>> let's talk about this. you guys talked about a reunion at one point and --

>> for a start.

>> five years ago, right?

>> joe, joe actually has a rain man skills where he knows dates.

>> yesterday, april 4th, five years ago we announced the comeback, the reunion on the " today show." we share the five-year anniversary thing.

>> it's totally right you guys are here with us today.

>> is this all new music, you guys, are people going to hear a different sound, the same sound?

>> it's all new music. 12 songs.

>> joe woke up this morning with a concept that it's a concept album.

>> it's a sound we haven't done before. a big euro --

>> trash?

>> no, pop. some of them, we have a song called "crash" that has that vibe.

>> that's one man's opinion. by the way.

>> danny, tell us about the tour, 98 degrees, boyz 2 men and you guys. what can fans expect when they see this concert?

>> they're going to get a great show. we're all fans of the other groups. so be able to team one them and go out on tour, they're going to get a great show. it's going to be a three-hour show.

>> lots of big hits, lots of hits.

>> this is, it's just us like you know, we teamed up with the backstreet boys.

>> that was a big hit.

>> and it was us and them on the stage at the same time. this time it's just us. so that's going to be pretty cool.

>> what are you saying, you don't like those guys?

>> i love those guys.

>> what is with the pony tail, how old are you now?

>> nobody likes the ponytail.

>> yes, yes!

>> you guys are going to be performing for us a little later in the show, we want to thank you

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