Sunday, April 7, 2013

Watch NKOTB on Fuse TV

New Kids on the Block were interviewed by Fuse TV. They talk about their fans, being together in their 40's, about being "sneaky clean" and they answer some trivia questions about themselves.

Here is the video:


Joeyagale said...

i enjoyed having the New Kids hot line. i wish they would have another one. Cause that was my fun time during the summer. I think they should make a free hot line so fans can leaave messages. Please Have a clean image this time around, thank You and become better people. Stop being bad boys , you are too mature to be acting foolish anymore. Please you mesed my life up with that attitude you had in thwe 1990's
"seriously" NKOTB is a big part of my life. and i need you hear by myside and be understanding to women. I am very into Christanity and wicca.

Anonymous said...

Do not listen to Joeyagale..You guys are perfect the way you are.I have been a fan since I was 15. I Love the new album! You improve with age, like a fine wine ;) Love the mature men that you turned out to be..<3 JOEY JOE I LOVE YOU! (DO NOT TELL YOUR WIFE OR MY HUBBY.. lol)