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Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy interview with Huffington Post Canada

The Huffington Post in Canada interviewed Donnie and Jenny recently about their relationship and more.  Here is the transcript: 
There was no denying the sizzling chemistry when Donnie Wahlberg appeared on "The Jenny McCarthy Show," nibbling her ears during a saucy in-bed interview. So it came as little surprise when, after cameras stopped rolling, the 42-year-old TV personality slipped the 45-year-old New Kids On The Block singer and "Blue Bloods" actor her number.
It may have taken him a while to call, but nearly two years later, the pair are once again under the lens to share their new life together on A&E docu-series "Donnie Loves Jenny," kicking off with their wedding episode on January 7.
Fresh from their first Christmas together as newlyweds -- "I didn't screw it up so that's good," laughs Jenny -- the couple chatted to Huffington Post Canada TV about who brought them to tears during their August nuptials, blending their families and why marriage is better the second time around.
HuffPost Canada TV: How have your first few months as husband and wife been, and what's the best thing about getting a second chance at marriage?
Jenny McCarthy: It's a good question, because going through it the second time, you're not surprised. Everyone who gets married in their 20s, like we both did, is under the belief that something changes and turns into a fairy tale ... all that happens is reality. We both went into this marriage knowing that no one's going to turn into something glorious after we say "I do." So the first few months of marriage just felt peaceful. There's no one else I want to spend the rest of my life with, and making that commitment made me finally feel at peace in my life. I don't feel like I'm searching for "the one" anymore.
How hard was it leaving your first marriages and realizing the person you started a family with wasn't the one you should spend your life with?
JM: I have the philosophy that everything happens for the best reason, so there's no doubt that my son Evan was supposed to come from the right man, and now there's no doubt that Evan is supposed to be raised by the right man. Everyone has their time and place, and I'm glad Donnie met me at this age, when I've learned a lot of lessons. I don't regret anything from the past because it made me who I am.
Donnie, what were your impressions of Jenny before you met? Were you a typical 20-something guy who had checked her out in Playboy?
Donnie Wahlberg: I never saw her naked until I was in bed with her. I didn't see her in Playboy, but I loved watching [Jenny's show] "Singled Out." I was a perfect viewer of it, always imagining I was the guy winning the date. I thought she was gorgeous, funny, and I respected her. I never looked at her in this way until we met, then her personality wowed me. I've gotten the inside of Jenny as opposed to what people see on TV -- I've gotten to know her as a mom, loving partner and soulmate.
Jenny, you saw NKOTB on MTV back in the day and thought Donnie was too tough for "goody two-shoes" you. Which New Kid would you have felt better suited to back then?
JM: I would have been a Jon girl. He seemed very sweet -- I wouldn't get in trouble from my mom for dating him!
When did you realize the goody two-shoes could have a future with the bad boy New Kid?
JM: The first date we went on, I had a feeling I was going to marry him. He went through a lot of life experiences similar to mine and the tone of the conversation was very spiritual. My number-one hobby is reading spiritual books and about self-inquiry, and he had an understanding of it so much more than any other partner in my life. If you have a connection on that level, you'd better take notice. I went home and told my sister, "I think I met the one."
What went through your mind when you saw each other at the wedding?
JM: I knew I was supposed to be exactly where I was. I had gone through this before and the feeling I had walking down the aisle staring at him, there was not a sliver of doubt that he was the love of my life.
DW: "He" meaning me!
Donnie, how special was it having your bandmates by your side as groomsmen -- was there a standout moment with them?
DW: There were tons, but the best moment was Joey singing "All Of Me" by John Legend. Joey's a remarkable talent, but his performance at the wedding was the greatest performance I've ever seen him do. Every single person was crying their eyes out.
Few boy-bander wives get the reception Jenny's had, and fans were even disappointed she didn't join you on the annual NKOTB cruise, which we'll see documented on reality series "Rock This Boat" from next week. Why do you think she has been embraced so well by "Blockheads"?
DW: They see how happy I am performing and making music, so they know what Happy Donnie looks like and when I'm with Jenny, I'm Happy Donnie. That opened their eyes to being welcoming and now they've seen how great she is. She treats my fans how I would.
How has it been blending your families?
DW: One of the best parts of this whole experience is the way our families have embraced us. Jenny's mom and dad light up and treat me like the son-in-law they always wanted, my mom is head-over-heels in love with Jenny, my sons [Xavier, 21, and Elijah, 13] love Jenny, and Evan [12] and I have a great relationship. When you get to know somebody new, you get to know their family and apples don't fall far from the tree -- her family's been amazing and that's confirmation of how wonderful she is. It's a lot to blend children. It's one thing to fall in love with someone who has a child, but to integrate children is a whole other level.
It's something very relevant to 2015 and it doesn't always go this well. What was your approach to making things go smoothly?
DW: Once Jenny and I were committed to each other, we figured the best thing to do was set a good example of what love looks like and not tiptoe into things with the kids. It was like, "This is who I am with, I really love her and this is how it is." We didn't let the tail wag the dog. We set a good example of love and let the kids accept it at their own pace.
JM: I still have a good relationship with [ex-husband] John, which is also why this integration works so well. It's not only about the kids accepting, but the exes too, so the kids can see you can still love your partner even though they're an ex.
DW: We're all friends. John and I get along great, and Jenny and my ex-wife Kim get along great. My son got a nice Christmas present from John and was very grateful. It's helped put him at ease -- to see that Evan has a dad we love and I'm not replacing Evan's dad, which means Evan's not a threat to steal me away from my son.
Would you ever have kids together?
JM: I've learned to never say "never" because that always bites me in the ass! But we have no plans currently for an addition ... except maybe a new dog.
Any New Year's resolutions?
JM: To stop self-criticizing so much, like most girls do.
DW: To make sure she follows through on hers ... because she's perfect.

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