Friday, January 30, 2015

Listen to Jordan Knight on Mix105.1

Jordan was interviewed by Mix105.1 in Boston. He talks about the The Main Event Tour, he recalls a scary concert performance, and they play a word association game about the other members of NKOTB. Click on the player below to listen!

Here are his responses to the word association game:

Jay Edwards: The messiest?
Jordan Knight: Would be me.
JE: The tardiest? The person always late?
JK: Jon.
JE: The best cook out of you five?
JK: Uhm…Danny.
JE: Who’s the worst dresser still today?
JK: Oh man…today, I would say, maybe my brother. He just throws stuff on.
JE: He doesn’t have to man. He’s Jonathan Knight. He doesn’t have to, right?
JK: That’s what I’m saying. He has the best damn hair. He doesn’t have to do anything to his hair. He just rolls out of bed and it just looks awesome. And he’s always complaining about it. I don’t get it!
JE: Alright. I’ve got a couple more. Most likely to keep you entertained on the tour bus?
JK: Donnie Wahlberg.
JE: Who’s the thriftiest? Who’s the penny pincher?
JK: I would say Joe just because he’s kind of very nit picky and organized.
JE: Of the five of you, who’s the kindest?
JK: I think I’m overly nice. Maybe it could be me.
JE: And the last one. Who is the best at making it happen? Whatever it was, they could always seem to make it happen.
JK: Donnie!

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