Monday, April 18, 2022

NKOTB News - Jon's latest farm photos, more backstage footage of Joey, and what is Donnie hinting at?

Check out Jonathan's latest Instagram photos! 

Working on that Farmers tan in between takes 🎬

Sleeping on the job!

Joey was in a couple of Christy Altomore's recent IG lives over the weekend...

Joey appearance about 8 minutes in:

Joey appearance about 3:45 minutes in:

I don't know if I'm reading into this too much, but Donnie made a point to mention "NKOTB Day" (April 24) a few times on his Instagram stories over the weekend. In one of them he added the caption "Guess we need to make some plans". He posted that right after he posted one that said "Heading to Ohio very soon". Of course that might not have anything to do with the other post and he's just thinking about them kicking off the tour in Cincinnati...

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